Ski Patrol

Call Dispatch 207-237-6994 If you are on the mountain and you need assistance, or if you make contact with another guest who needs assistance, Sugarloaf Ski Patrol is always in a position to handle guest needs.

How to Contact Ski Patrol 

If you need assistance or have made contact with another guest who is injured, stay with the guest if possible, and call Ski Patrol Dispatch at 207-237-6994.

This could include injury, needing a ride with broken equipment, etc.Be prepared to describe your exact location and the nature of the call. 

If you have no phone available or no phone service, send someone to the nearest lift station and have them notify a lift operator of the situation, the lift operator will then call patrol dispatch.

If you have a problem contacting dispatch, and it is an emergency situation, call 911. Emergency services will be activated and patrol will be notified by other means.

Be aware, 207-237-6994 is a line specifically used for reporting mountain emergencies and injuries. The mountain has other resources for snow reports, lift status, weather, etc.

 911 is to be used for emergencies only.