SnoGo Ski Bikes
Lessons & Rentals

SnoGo Ski Bikes

Lessons & Rentals

Sno-Go Skibikes are full suspension rigs that combine two of our favorite activities: skiing and biking. After a quick lesson, you'll be cruising around like a pro. Sno-Go Skibikes are now available to rent or buy.

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  • 11 Sno-Go Skibikes Available to Rent
  • Includes Half-Day Rental & Lesson
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Rent a Sno-Go Skibike for a morning or afternoon and see what it's all about. Your rental includes a quick lesson, which is required for anyone using a Sno-Go Skibike at Sugarloaf. Once you've had a lesson you'll receive a Sno-Go pass, which will allow you to use a Sno-Go Skibike in the future without a lesson. If you love it, you can buy your very own Sno-Go Skibike at Downhill Supply Company; each purchase includes a lesson. 

  • Rentals are available daily from 9:00am-12:00pm and 12:30-3:30pm. Book online here. 
  • Half-day rentals are $70 and full day rentals are $100, including a 30-45 minute lesson

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Sno Go Sno Go Tutorial Video


  • That's great! Even if you're basically a pro with your own Sno-Go, we still require everyone to take a one time 30-45 minute lesson before accessing the mountain. You'll get a special pass once you've completed your lesson. 

  • Sugarloaf only allows Type III ski bikes, as defined by the American Ski Bike Association. Currently Sno Go is the only Type III ski bike on the market.

  • Yes. Each bike has a chairlift hook, and is designed to go on a lift. Currently, Sno-Go bikes are allowed on both Double Runner lifts, the Moosecelator, Sawduster, Skidway, Snubber, West Mtn, and Whiffletree.

  • Nope, once you've completed one lesson you'll be certified to ride as much as you want on your own. 

  • You must be at least five feet tall to ride a Sno-Go Bike.