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Cat Skiing

2021/22 Information Coming Soon


  • Experts Only
  • Tickets Required
  • Private Tours Mon-Thurs

Burnt Mountain Cat Skiing is Sugarloaf's most exciting winter experience, offering adventurous skiers and snowboarders access to the deep powder and rugged steep glades in our signature side country terrain like never before.

  • Two consecutive runs are included per ticket.
  • Rides must be scheduled in advance, and guests will need a Cat Ticket in addition to a lift ticket.
  • Tickets will be available to purchase when conditions allow. 
  • Private cat skiing tours available Monday-Friday when conditions allow. Contact Group Sales to book. 
Cat Skiing 101 Everything you need to know about cat skiing on Burnt Mountain.

How to Book

Step 1: Choose your time. Seats fill up fast, so you'll want to have a backup time in mind if your first choice is sold out.

Step 2: Buy your cat skiing ticket either online, at the Cat Skiing booth on the first floor of the Base Lodge, or by phone: 866.657.6763.

  • Tickets are only available to purchase when cat skiing is scheduled.
  • In addition to a cat ticket, you'll also need a valid lift ticket or season pass. 
  • Cat tickets must be purchased at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

Step 3: Redeem your ticket. Once you've purchased your ticket, you'll pick up the physical ticket at the Cat Skiing booth in the Base Lodge. Tickets can be picked up between 7 days and 1 hour of the scheduled departure.

Time* Price
9:30  $45
10:45 $45
12:00 $45
1:15 $45
2:30 $45

*The Cat schedule is ultimately determined by conditions and could change. Be sure to check your email for updates once you've purchased a ticket. 

Getting to the Cat

Step 1: If you're not familiar with the mountain, be sure to ask the attendant at the Cat Skiing booth for detailed instructions.

Step 2:  Get to the base of  the King Pine lift. The fastest way from the base lodge is to take Whiffletree to Tohaul. It takes most people about 30 minutes to get from the base of Whiffletree to the Cat Skiing area.

Step 3: From the base of King Pine, you'll see a Cat Skiing sign at the entrance to a glade. Follow the signs through the glade to the pick-up area.

Step 4: Check in with Ski Patrol. The Cat operator will load your skis. 

Navigating Back To The Base Area

The Cat Skiing terrain will naturally lead you back to the cat pick-up area. From there, you can follow signage to navigate back to the Whiffletree lift, or ski further down to Snowbrook and ride the Snubber lift. Please keep in mind that some walking will be required to get back to the Base Area.


  • Although only minimal hiking is required, we recommend you prepare for cat skiing just as you would any other adventure in Brackett Basin or Burnt Mountain. Bring a back pack with water, snacks, a trail map, and an additional layer. You should also be sure to pack a fully charged cell phone, in the event you need to contact ski patrol for assistance.

  • You should arrive at the pickup location at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. Cats will leave on time every thirty minutes and will not wait for you if you're late. If you miss your scheduled cat you may not be able to a seat on a later cat.

  • The time will vary depending on conditions and crowds, but to be safe we recommend that you load Whiffletree no later than 30 minutes prior to you cat departure time. 

  • Cat Skiing tickets are non-refundable, but if you miss your cat we will do our best to place you on a later trip, if any spaces are available. If we have to cancel cat trips due to weather, snow conditions, or other factors, we will refund your reservation.

  • There are numerous ways to navigate to the cat skiing pickup location, so as long as there is a lift operating that can get you high enough to reach the King Pine area, cat skiing will operate. If all lifts are on hold, cat skiing will not operate and your reservation will be refunded.

  • You sure can. Private cat skiing trips are available Monday-Thursday, and can be booked for up to 12 people for 3 or 6 hours. Contact our Group Sales office at 800.643.8231 or groups@sugarloaf.com for details and pricing. 

  • It depends on the pace of the group. The Cat drivers may decide to stagger the second lap if it makes sense for the group.