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Tickets are limited and must be purchased online in advance. Face masks/coverings are required in all public areas at all time.

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  • Last Updated: Sunday, 06:31 AM


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      • Frozen Granular
      • Secondary Surface Conditions
April 18, 6:00am

Today's Update

Good morning, Sugarloafers: we’ll be winding down the weekend with temperatures ranging from the upper twenties to low thirties at higher elevation terrain with mid-forties at the base. Those heading to the hill will be taking turns under overcast skies with moderate winds from the north-northwest, and at the moment, we're seeing a considerable amount of fog clinging to the hill, so once again, it's BYOS—Bring Your Own Squeegee! We have 44 open trails, 20 of which were groomed out overnight, including Narrow Gauge, Skidder, and Tote Road.

In addition, we'll continue to celebrate Passholder Appreciation Weekend with special gift bags available for pick-up from 12:00pm to 3:00pm on Main Street in the Village; pass holders can also take advantage of great retail and dining deals at all Sugarloaf-operated outlets!

We have three lifts scheduled to spin starting at 8:30am this morning: that’s DRC B, Skyline, and the SuperQuad. Please note that the SuperQuad will operate on diesel for the remainder of the season. Following the power outage we experienced last weekend, our electricians were able to restore power to all areas of the resort—with the exception of the SuperQuad. Restoring power to the Quad will require more extensive work, which will happen after the resort closes for the season. The good news is, the SuperQuad is able to operate at full speed with our diesel backup, meaning there will be no change to our regular lift service.

Lifts will continue to operate daily through next Sunday, April 25, our Closing Day, so make the most of the next week! For the latest on lifts, trails, and weather, follow us on Twitter @SugarloafSnow

Last, but not least, don’t miss out on the 2021/22 New England Pass spring sale. Lock in next season’s pass with just $50 down now. Offer ends Friday, April 30. It’s also time to take advantage of early-bird pricing on next year’s Perfect Turn seasonal programs, also available through April 30. 


Spring Safety Guidelines:

As a reminder, before coming to the mountain, please be prepared to do the following:

  • Prior-to-visit health screening: How are you feeling?
  • Face coverings are mandatory and required in all public areas, including lift lines and on the chairlift. 
  • Your car is your Base Lodge–that means you'll boot up at your car and should only bring with you what you can carry throughout the day.
  • Drive together, ride together.
  • For more details and a complete list of safety measures and operational changes, please visit


Uphill Access Policy:

Please take a moment to kindly review our Uphill Access Policy. Remember:

  • The mountain opens to uphill travel at 7:00am and to downhill traffic at 8:30am.
  • No downhill traffic is permitted prior to 8:30am. 
  • All uphill skiers and riders are required to have a valid season pass or day ticket; if you do not intend to ride a lift at any point during the day, you can purchase an Uphill Access day ticket for $10 from Guest Services.


I'm signing off for the season, Sugarloafers. It's been a pleasure delivering reports a couple days a week and taking photos to share with you. Have a good off season!



Live Webcams

Lift Status

Sunday, 06:31 AM
  • Open Open
  • Open Hold
  • Closed Closed
  • Closed Scheduled
Last Updated: Sunday, 06:31 AM

Lift Status

Double Runner West
#3 T-Bar/Bateau
Whiffletree SuperQuad
King Pine
West Mountain
Double Runner East
Last Updated: Sunday, 06:31 AM

Trail Status

  • Snow Making
  • Groomed
  • Classic Track
  • Fat Biking
  • Closed Snowbrook easiest
    Open TheLanding easiest
    Closed TheBirches easiest
  • Open Boardwalk easiest
    Open Lower Narrow Gauge easiest
    Open Lower Winters Way easiest
    Open Picaroon easiest
    Closed Schipper's Streak easiest
    Open Middle Narrow Gauge More difficult
    Open Tote Road X-Cut More difficult
  • Open Lower Tote Road easiest
    Open Peavy X-Cut easiest
    Closed Bridle Chain More difficult
    Open Candy Side More difficult
    Open Gin Pole More difficult
    Open Haywire More difficult
    Open Kings Landing More difficult
    Closed Lower Binder More difficult
    Open Lower Competition Hill More difficult
    Open Pinch More difficult
    Closed Spurline More difficult
    Closed Double Bitter most difficult
    Open Hayburner most difficult
    Closed Kickback most difficult
    Closed Lower Sheerboom most difficult
    Closed Sheerboom most difficult
    Closed Swedish Fiddle Glade most difficult
    Open Upper Competition Hill most difficult
    Closed Branding Ax Glade expert
    Open Lower Skidder expert
    Open Upper Skidder expert
  • Open Gondola Line More difficult
    Open Lower Spillway More difficult
    Open Midstation X-Cut More difficult
    Open Pick Pole More difficult
    Open Sluice More difficult
    Open Tote Road More difficult
    Closed Blade Glade most difficult
    Closed Cant Hook Glade most difficult
    Closed Gondi Glade most difficult
    Closed Kurf Glade most difficult
    Closed Lower Bubblecuffer most difficult
    Open Sluice Chute most difficult
    Open Sluice Headwall most difficult
    Open Spillway X-Cut most difficult
    Closed Stump Shot most difficult
    Closed Upper Binder most difficult
    Closed Upper Double Bitter most difficult
    Open Upper Narrow Gauge most difficult
    Closed Upper Spillway most difficult
    Open Wedge most difficult
    Closed West Sluice Chute most difficult
    Open Cribworks expert
    Closed Upper Bubblecuffer expert
    Closed Upper Gondola Line expert
    Closed Upper Winters Way expert
    Closed White Nitro expert
  • Closed Condo X-Cut easiest
    Closed Cross Haul easiest
    Closed Lower Pole Line easiest
    Closed Lower Stubs easiest
    Closed Lower Whiffletree easiest
    Open Rollway (EWD) easiest
    Closed Upper Stubs easiest
    Closed Blueberry's Grove Glade More difficult
    Closed Jackpot Glade More difficult
    Closed Jill Poke More difficult
    Open Lombard X-Cut More difficult
    Closed Lower Buckboard More difficult
    Closed Lower Cruiser More difficult
    Closed Lower Rookie River Glade More difficult
    Closed Lower Springboard More difficult
    Closed Moose Alley More difficult
    Open Slasher More difficult
    Closed Tohaul More difficult
    Closed Upper Buckboard More difficult
    Closed Upper Cruiser More difficult
    Closed Upper Pole Line More difficult
    Closed Upper Springboard More difficult
    Open Upper Whiffletree More difficult
    Closed Broccoli Garden Glade most difficult
    Closed Stubs Glade most difficult
    Closed Upper Rookie River Glade most difficult
  • Closed Lower Boomauger More difficult
    Closed Old Winter's Way More difficult
    Open Ramdown More difficult
    Closed Boomers Glade most difficult
    Closed Choker most difficult
    Closed Flume most difficult
    Closed Freds Pitch Glade most difficult
    Closed Haulback most difficult
    Closed Upper Boomauger most difficult
    Open Widowmaker most difficult
    Closed Misery Whip expert
    Closed Ripsaw expert
  • Closed Hard Tack most difficult
    Closed Adrenaline Rush expert
    Closed Awesome expert
    Closed Ball and Chain expert
    Closed Bubblecuffer Ext expert
    Closed Extreme Chute expert
    Closed Gondola Line Ext expert
    Closed Hell's Gate expert
    Closed High Rigger expert
    Closed Ignitor expert
    Closed Jagger expert
    Closed Powder Keg expert
    Closed Pure Heat expert
    Closed White Nitro Ext expert
    Closed Winters Way Ext expert
  • Open Lower Timberline easiest
    Open Upper Timberline easiest
    Closed Buckskin More difficult
    Closed Cinderhoe More difficult
    Closed Tin Pants More difficult
    Closed Tote Road Ext More difficult
    Closed Barberchair Glade most difficult
    Closed Binder Ext most difficult
    Closed Dropline Glade most difficult
    Closed Narrow Gauge Ext most difficult
  • Closed Back Cut easiest
    Closed Birch Hook easiest
    Closed Bucksaw X-Cut easiest
    Open Good Chance X-Cut easiest
    Closed Horseshoe easiest
    Closed Lower Glancer easiest
    Closed Lower Scoot easiest
    Closed Lower West Mountain easiest
    Closed Lower Windrow easiest
    Closed Middle Scoot easiest
    Closed Upper Glancer easiest
    Closed West Mountain X-Cut easiest
    Open Windrow Ext easiest
    Closed Boom Scooter More difficult
    Closed Greenhorn Glade More difficult
    Closed Upper Scoot More difficult
    Closed Upper West Mountain More difficult
    Closed Upper Windrow More difficult
    Closed Pulaski most difficult
    Closed Raker Tooth Glade most difficult
    Closed Ram Pasture Glade most difficult
    Closed Telos Cut most difficult
  • Closed Rough Cut Glade More difficult
    Closed Red Horse Glade More difficult
    Closed Blacksmith Glade More difficult
    Closed High Ball Glade More difficult
    Closed Logging Road More difficult
    Closed Little Androscoggin Glade most difficult
    Closed Lower Kennebec Glade most difficult
    Closed Upper Kennebec Glade most difficult
    Closed Androscoggin Glade expert
    Closed Birler Glade One expert
    Closed Birler Glade Two expert
    Closed Edger Glade One expert
    Closed Edger Glade Two expert
    Closed Slashfire expert
    Closed Sweeper Glade One expert
    Closed Sweeper Glade Two expert
    Closed Can't Dog One expert
    Closed Can't Dog Two expert
    Closed Golden Road expert
    Closed Eastern Territory expert
  • Open Warming Hut Trail easiest
    Open Sunny Breeze easiest
    Open Pretty Bog easiest
    Open Oh My Gosh Loop easiest
    Open Moose Pond Loop easiest
    Closed Redington Connector easiest
    Closed S-Turns easiest
    Open Narrow Gauge Spur easiest
    Open Narrow Gauge Pathway easiest
    Open Snowbrook Trail More difficult
    Open Old Race Trail More difficult
    Closed Redington Pond Loop More difficult
    Open Highland Trail More difficult
    Open Bobcat Alley More difficult
    Open Bobcat Cutoff More difficult
    Open Inferno More difficult
    Open V2 More difficult
    Open West Branch More difficult
    Open East Branch More difficult
    Open 50 Cents More difficult
    Open Red Stallion More difficult
    Open The Vista More difficult
    Open Seven Bridges More difficult
    Open Race Loop most difficult
    Open South Horn most difficult
    Open North Horn most difficult
    Open Fifty most difficult
  • Closed Skating Rink
    Closed Pond Skating
    Open Snowshoe Trails
  • Terrain Parks
    Open Drop Line
    Open Sidewinder
    Closed Skybound
    Closed Skid Road
    Open Stomping Grounds