Re-opening Winter 2019/20

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  • Located in the Base Lodge
  • Earn Boyne Rewards

Conveniently located at the top of the Base Lodge, The Widowmaker is the sunny hub of Sugarloaf's après ski scene and a hot spot for night owls. Featuring a full bar with 18 beers on tap, 16 of which are brewed right here in Maine. And with live entertainment on Saturday nights, the Widowmaker is a rite of passage for any Loafer.

  • Open daily from late-November through mid-April

Summer 2019 Renovations

During the summer of 2019 the Widowmaker will undergo extensive renovations, breathing new life into a legendary Sugarloaf space. Highlights of this summer's renovations will include:

    • Relocation of the bar and stage to open up the space and provide a better live music experience for guests and performers alike
    • Renovation of the Loft and addition of new outdoor loft deck
    • Relocation of the beer cooler from downstairs to  streamline service
    • New HVAC to allow for use of the space during summer months

There are lots of exciting changes to look forward to, but the one thing that won't change is the fun, irreverent atmosphere you've come to know and love. The same Widowmaker, but a whole lot better. Construction will begin in late April, and you can follow us on Facebook throughout the summer for updates. 

The Logo

When planning began for this summer's wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling renovation of the Widowmaker, it included a deep dive of The Widowmaker brand, and what that brand means to Sugarloafers around the globe.

A renovation of this scale called for a reinvention of The Widowmaker's visual identity, so we teamed up with the creative team at Puelle Design to create a new logo and design system that would channel the unique character of the iconic Sugarloaf watering hole. Since we unveiled the new logo, there's been one question we've received more than any other: What's with the wings?

There were a number of considerations that weighed heavily into the new logo design.

The first was Sugarloaf culture. For nearly 4 decades the Widowmaker has been a central piece of the Sugarloaf story - a place where Sugarloafers come together, build memories, and let loose. We needed to create a design that would recognize the WIdowmaker's place in Sugarloaf's history, and present its new and improved self to the next generation of Sugarloafers.

The second consideration was the name itself: Widowmaker. We wanted to pay homage to this iconic name, while recognizing its original meaning in the logging industry, and making all of that work for a location that will host everything from apres parties to Reggae Fests to summer weddings.

The resulting design was simple, but striking. The iconic Sugarloaf triangle at the center of the design, signifying the Widowmaker's central importance in Sugarloaf culture. Angel wings on either side, as a wink and a nod to the roots of the Widowmaker name, and acknowledging the location's importance as a little slice of Sugarloaf heaven. The design of the wings gives the logo an edgy, counterculture feel - a nod to the party culture that has long been synonymous with the Widowmaker.

What's on Tap

With live music all winter and the ultimate apres menu, the Widowmaker keeps the party going even when the lifts shut down. We're working on a killer lineup for bands this winter, stay tuned for a full schedule. 

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