Offset Your Trip

One of the major steps Sugarloaf has taken in reaching our 2030 net-zero emissions goal is to partner with Tradewater to offset emissions from our operations.

Tradewater is a mission-based company that actively collects and destroys the most potent greenhouse gases ever created - refrigerant gases that are as much as 10,900 times more potent than CO2. The destruction of these gases before they enter the atmosphere is essential for slowing climate change.

Sugarloaf invites all of our guests to participate in our efforts with Tradewater to destroy harmful greenhouse gases. Using the calculator below, you can calculate the impact of your trip and offset your carbon footprint with Tradewater. The credits from this purchase will go directly toward supporting Tradewater and their projects around the globe.

Please note that in order to complete your carbon offset transaction, you will be taken to Tradewater's website.

Go above and beyond and offset your entire lifestyle with Tradewater