Live, work, and play in the mountains of western Maine. Sugarloaf is more than just a mountain. It's not like any other ski resort; because here, being a Sugarloafer means you're part of a true community. And working at Sugarloaf isn't just another job. It's where you can share your passion for the outdoors, meet fascinating people from all over the world, and yes- ski or snowboard on a very regular basis.

Sugarloaf Sponsored Rooms

Sugarloaf works with local lodging proprietors to lease hotel style rooms for staff housing. Most rooms are shared occupancy starting at $100 per person per week. Single occupancy rooms are also available. Confirmation of employment by the hiring department is required. Please fill out the Housing Application to start the process of being added to the housing list.

The following is a list of local resources for seasonal rentals. We'll continue to add to this list, and are committed to finding affordable, convenient housing for all our employees. Clicking on the links below will take you away from Sugarloaf.com, and the businesses listed are independently owned and operated. If you need further help finding housing, please email jobs@sugarloaf.com