Uphill Policy

Uphill Route Open as of 4.9.2024

Reminder, Burnt Mountain remains open to uphill travel with the understanding that there is no patrol coverage in the area. Please keep in mind that the status of uphill travel is always subject to change. All uphill traffic must stay along the west side of the mountain along the route outlined below. When open, uphill is permitted starting at 7am, with no downhill travel permitted until 8:30am.

For the safety of everyone on the mountain, we ask that anyone participating in skinning or snowshoeing adhere to the following guidelines. All uphill travel is done at each individual's own risk.

Uphill Access Policy

*Important: All uphill skiers and riders must review the Mountain Report every day before climbing. Any variations to the policy based on weather, open terrain, snow conditions, or other factors will be outlined in these two locations.  

Uphill Access Routes 

Please keep single-file and stay skiers left / climbers right on the trail when climbing, You must ski/ride down - walking descent is not permitted.


The new uphill route begins on Bucksaw Trail accessible from the bottom of Bucksaw Express (lift) via parking lots E, F and G. We recommend parking in Lots E, F, and G to start your tour.  Should you start from the base area please note there is a paved intersection crossing which may require taking off your skis. 

STARTING AT BASE:  Ascend Windrow following uphill markers to the Bucksaw trail.   

STARTING FROM PARKING LOTS E, F, AND G:  Ascend Bucksaw Trail, follow route markers making a right onto Backcut (Trail is not listed on trail map but marked with uphill signage).  Ascend through Backcut intersection (Hatchet and Cutter Trails) onto Feller Buncher trail; west to Beaver Tail, Knot Bumper, and then across West Mountain Trail onto Chipper.

Once you get to the top of Chipper, use the far right side of Timberline trail to make your way to the summit.

Uphill signage will be visible and assist in way-finding.


The mountain opens to uphill travel at 7am and to downhill traffic at 8:30am. No downhill traffic is permitted prior to 8:30am. As always, downhill traffic is limited to open terrain only. 

Ski patrol performs closing procedures at the end of operating hours every day.  After-hours travel of any kind is not allowed on any trails. If you are on the mountain at this time you will be required to ski or ride down.  


Uphill travel equipment is required to have metal edges, a restraining device or brakes, and an industry-approved binding. (AT skis, tele skis, splitboard, and snowshoes are all fine.) 

Nordic equipment is not permitted above the Base Lodge. 


All uphill skiers and riders are required to have a valid season pass or day ticket, even when hiking in Burnt. If you do not intend to ride a lift at any point during the day, you can purchase an Uphill Access day ticket or an Uphill Access Season Pass. Both are available to purchase online at the links below, or in person at any ticket window.  

Sorry, pets are not permitted on the mountain trail network above the Base Lodge, including Burnt Mountain. 

Note: Ski Patrol reserves the right to close the mountain to uphill activities at any time due to severe weather, dangerous surface conditions, or other factors. Ski Patrol may also change the approved routes of uphill travel at any time based on mountain operations. 

Uphill Access Tickets & Passes