Pet Policy

At Sugarloaf, we love our furry friends. To ensure all pets and people are safe and happy, please remember the following:
• All pets should be under leash control at all times. Remember, a pet who is well-behaved at home might act differently in an unfamiliar setting. Even if your dog obeys voice commands, we strongly recommend using a leash for everyone's safety.
• Pick up after your pet. There are trash cans and baggies located throughout the resort, including in most condo parking lots and at several dog-friendly trailheads.
• Respect trail signs. There are lots of great places to walk your pet at Sugarloaf and in Carrabassett Valley. There's a dedicated dog trail at the Snowbrook Condos, and dogs are allowed on the Narrow Gauge Trail in Carrabassett Valley. Dogs are not allowed on the Outdoor Center Trails.
• If you're staying at a condo or hotel booked through Sugarloaf Lodging, pets are not allowed. Please see your confirmation email for details.
Thank you for taking the time to keep your pets safe and happy. Together, we can keep Sugarloaf safe and enjoyable for all our guests and their pets.