Parking & Shuttles

Shuttles Update

Please note, Sugarloaf Explorer services for the 2022-2023 season concluded on 4/9/23 and parking lot shuttles will continue through our closing date of May 1st. Thanks for a great season!

Skier/Rider Dropoff

To make your arrival more convenient, we have added two skier/rider drop off lanes in the hotel lot, which you can use to drop off members of your party with their gear before you park your car. 

Sugarloaf Explorer Shuttles will also drop off in this lot, while parking lot shuttles will drop off at the Base Lodge. 

map of parking lot

Parking Lot Shuttles

Parking in all lots is free at all times, and parking lot shuttles operate every day of the winter season. Parking lot shuttles are operated by Sugarloaf and drop off at the Sugarloaf Base Lodge. If you do not see a shuttle when you arrive, wait at the sign at the end of the parking row.  Please note towards the end of the day, the last available bus is 4:30pm midweek and 5pm on weekends. 

Sugarloaf Explorer (Condo/Valley Shuttles)

Please note, Sugarloaf Explorer services for the 2022-2023 season concluded on 4/9/23. Thanks for a great season.

Shuttle service to condos and villages throughout Carrabassett Valley is provided free of charge throughout the season by Sugarloaf Explorer, which is owned and operated by Western Maine Transportation. The Sugarloaf Explorer service is supported by Sugarloaf, Maine DOT, USDOT, the Town of Carrabassett Valley, home owners' associations, and local businesses.

The Sugarloaf Explorer operates on set routes at regular times. For a complete route schedule, visit The Sugarloaf Explorer dispatch office is available at 207-237-6853 during the specified hours listed below: 

Day  Time
Monday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm
Friday 8am-1am
Saturday  7:30am-1am 
Sunday  7:30am-4:30pm

EV Charging Stations 

Sugarloaf has installed 4 new level 2 SWTCH chargers at the golf course, and 5 level 2 chargers in lot E for your convenience. There are also two Tesla 8kWh charging stations and two traditional wall outlet stations for public use located in lot B. Sugarloaf has plans to increase the EV infrastructure to accommodate the growing needs of our guests.

Please note that beginning May 15th, Lot E electric vehicle chargers will be closed due to West Mountain project and equipment staging. An update will be provided in the fall when the lot is fully cleared out and the EV chargers become accessible again.