Mas to the Mountains

by Gabrielle Martin

Mas Amigos Grille, the second restaurant from our friends at Uno Mas in Farmington, is bringing Mexican-style fare to the mountains of Western Maine at their new location in Village West! With a menu consisting of bright, colorful, and flavorful dishes, a craft beer lineup carefully curated to include beverages from local, independent brewers and a selection of creative cocktails made with house-made syrups and fresh-squeezed juices, the eatery provides a dining and drinking experience committed to presentation, quality, and taste.


Mexican food and margaritas go together like tequila and lime. Mas Amigos's margaritas ($12 each) are made with tequila blanco, orange liqueur, lime, and agave; choose between their regular marg, or opt for the spicy jalapeño or blueberry pomegranate, which has a sweet and tangy taste.

The Mas Amigos mezcalita ($14) is another elevated take on a traditional margarita, prepared with smoky mezcal, tequila reposado, aperol, pineapple, orange, and spicy agave. Also on brand is the restaurant's pink paloma ($12), a mix of tequila blanco, citrus, ruby red, and soda.

Bourbon enthusiasts will enjoy the mole fashioned ($12), made with anchor liquor, mole bitters, and agave; another member belonging to the brown liquor family is the snowbird ($13), served with dark rum, amaro, apricot brandy, pineapple, lime, angostura, and agave. 

Draft Beer

As for draft beers, Mas Amigos has brews from Bissell Brothers to Orono Brewing Co. I highly recommend trying the Mas Amigos Mexican-style lager from Tumbledown Brewing; this light and refreshing cerveza is made with Maine-grown malts and locally-grown corn from Sandy River Farms, served with slice of lime.


You'll find four prime-time appetizer options to start your dining experience at Mas Amigos, the first being hand-cut chips ($5), where guacamole ($8), queso ($8), or roasted roja salsa ($6) can be added to this starter for an additional fee. Next up are nachos ($16), which are a plate of hand-cut chips with queso cheese sauce topped with diced tomatoes, green onions, and sour cream.

You can choose to add pinto or black beans ($2) or chicken or steak ($4).

They've also got jalapeno poppers ($14), a spicy-meet-sweets treat stuffed with bacon cream cheese and topped with queso cheese and bacon bits, and in queso the munchies (pun intended), try the bean and cheese taquitos ($10) for some crispy, crunchy deep fries corn tortillas filled with bean and cheese, served with a pot of creamy cheese queso.


From soups and salads to taco platters, fajitas, burritos, and quesedillas, there's sure to be something on the menu everyone in your party can enjoy.

I opted for the chicken and cheese quesedilla ($15), which turned out to be the perfect cure for the Sunday scaries. 

Sunday scaries aside, Mas Amigos is the perfect place to spend any afternoon escaping the elements with foods and beverages designed to fill your belly and warm your soul; it's an equally great place to enjoy an evening catching up with the crew after spending a day on the slopes.