Winter Rollover

Program Overview

New England Pass and resort-specific season pass products are non-refundable and non-transferable. The Winter Rollover Program is designed to reduce uncertainty and provide flexibility for season pass holders. 


What Is A Rollover?

A rollover freezes the value of your current valid season pass. Pass value is determined by qualifying factors. If approved, you will receive a rollover credit voucher code. You will use the voucher code to apply the approved pass value toward the purchase of your winter pass valid next season.


Rollover Eligibility

Through December 10: Within each season, from the date passes go on sale through December 10 you can choose to defer the value of your current valid, unused season pass toward any single season pass available for the following winter season.

After December 10: Some personal circumstances are eligible for consideration of a rollover of the value of your current valid pass to the next season.

Qualifying Factors After December 10
  1. Medical: Prevents use of pass for the remainder of the season; value based on injury/inability date
  2. Hardship: Examples include job relocation, military deployment, death in family; value based on submission date
  3. No pass rollovers will be given after March 1


Pass Rollover Values

Dates Max. Credit/Reimbursement Value
Through December 10 100%
December 12–31 75%
January 1–31 50%
February 1–March 1 25%
After March 1 0%


Supporting Documentation Required

Please submit supporting documents with this form.

Medical Rollover: Doctor’s note indicating inability to ski/snowboard due to medical condition, injury or pregnancy.

Hardship: Acceptable documents include job offer letter, lease agreement, obituary.

How to Redeem Your Rollover Credit

When next year’s season passes go on sale, follow these steps to use your rollover credit toward the purchase of your season pass.

To See Your Rollover Credit
  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Click/tap My Account. Choose Vouchers. You’ll see the voucher number underneath ID
  3. Note the ID code. This code will be used during checkout to apply your rollover credit value toward the purchase of your season pass for next winter.
To Use Your Rollover Credit
  1. Go to My Account. Copy the ID code
  2. Select your pass
  3. At the checkout payment screen, paste the ID code in the Gift Card or Voucher Number box
  4. Click/tap Apply

You must redeem your credit by November 1 of the winter season of your new pass. Failure to redeem your pass by November 1 may result in forfeiture of your rollover credit voucher for the following season.