Skyline Operation Update

March 23, 2019

If you were skiing or riding at Sugarloaf today, particularly in the Skyline area, you likely experienced delayed operations around noontime. This was due to a broken seal on the oil filter of the lift's auxiliary (back up) engine.

Following a resort-wide power outage earlier this morning, the lift was running on diesel back-up at the time. When the seal broke, it sprayed oil throughout the engine room, coating the brakes and belts of the primary engine – which prevented our Lift Mechanics from being able to switch from the auxiliary power source back to electric motor safely.

Fortunately, the lift is equipped with a tertiary power source for emergency run-off, that was unaffected, and we were able to utilize to off-load the lift – this process, however, is not at ‘full-speed’ which is why it took a while to completely clear and close the lift.

Our lift mechanics spent the afternoon cleaning, repairing and inspecting the all engine components, and the lift is expected to reopen as scheduled tomorrow morning.

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