"Hey Sugarloaf management types, should I write a blog for the Reggae Fest weather?"

"Only if it's good."

But it's good. So, here we are.


For pure skiing joy, this is probably the best day. It'll be mostly sunny and mild, but not TOO warm with highs in the mid 40s.

(Computer output for different cloud levels, notice basically no clouds anywhere near the Loaf).


Still nice but with some increased cloud cover, especially by the afternoon.

Still, it'll be nice with temperatures probably a degree or two warmer than Thursday. Edging into the upper 40s for an hour or so. But most of the day is spent in a very comfortable range.

Only Negative Thing in The Forecast:  There will be some showers overnight Friday into very early Saturday morning. We are probably talking less than .25" of rain at the Loaf.  *


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The warmest day for sure. The biggest question is cloud cover. The GFS is very cloudy while the EURO is more optimistic. I'm inclined to split the middle and call it mostly cloudy with periods of sunshine. The main reason is that most of the airmass drying that will take place for the rest of the state will be driven by downsloping winds. We won't be able to benefit from that at the Loaf. Still, it's a solid Reggae Saturday with temperatures driving into the 50s easily.


A nice "blue chips day". It'll be dry all day with partly cloudy skies. Temperatures will be a tad bit cooler than Saturday, but still likely in the mid 40s.

So as an overall score over the 4 days. I give it at a solid 8.

Personal Note: I'll be there on Saturday into Sunday. So flag me down and buy me one of those boojie $13 beers I love.☺

Carson Out.