Keith Carson's Weather

Buckle up, team. Meteorologist Keith Carson is here to give you the low-down on Sugarloaf weather: from perfect powder days to sloppy slush fests, he'll let you know what to expect at the 'Loaf this winter.

Dec 6: The Fall of our Dreams Continues

That's what's crazy about it; it's still FALL.

Nov 25: Never-Before November

What an insane start to the season. Every snowfall measurement station in the state is recording this November as Top 3 Snowiest....and it isn't done yet.

Nov 13: Double Diamonds & Dad Bods

Oh, hey, is it that time again? Seems like just yesterday all you Sugarloafers were flooding my FB inbox bitching about the warmest summer on record, which happened to be the most humid summer on record too.