This is a real First World Problem, but goggle tans ain't what they used to be.

As goggles get bigger and more seamless with the helmet, if you spend a day on the slopes in the March sun you end up with more of a "tip of nose down" tan as compared to a goggle tan.

(Note: My nose isn't to size in this picture. I think I got stung by a bee or something)

I bring this all up because Friday and Saturday will definitely be a "goggle tan" kinda days.

I think both days will be awesome for skiing, it is worth noting that Saturday will be slightly warmer (plus, ya know, you probably don't have to work).

Sunday won't be sunny, but there WILL be some snow.

A weak warm front approaches on Sunday morning, so the first part of this system moves in late morning most likely as just some light snow.

It should be so light at the onset and into the afternoon that it'll be easy to ski in and not so hard to drive home in either.

Things pick up after sunset on Sunday with snow continuing while things mix along the coast.

It's not gonna be a blockbuster, but you'll be happy:

Carson Out.