Earlier in the week, before our Tuesday night storm, it looked like today's event could be a disaster for the Loaf. Fresh snow only to be enjoyed for a day before a major rainstorm moved in. I'm not going to name any names here, but the following GIF was texted to me by Sugarloaf PR when I gave them the early outlook:

But luckily things can change with 6 day out models, and in this case those changes have shifted the upcoming weekend from "Well, I guess we already booked it" to "It's worth a day-trip from Portland" (Disclaimer: I'm not driving)

Today's system is generally light, so it's far from a dump, but still thinking 2-4" for the Loaf.

The approach, I think, will be the best part of this storm as we get "overruning" snow from the warm front to the south. So the snow will likely start soon after sunset on Tuesday, but the best part will be overnight in the early morning on Wednesday.

By Wednesday mid day the coastal low will take over, leading to mixing for the coast but not for the Loaf. Snow stays heavy.

It will snow through this afternoon and maybe end as a few raindrops later tonight but that shouldn't impact things too much.

After that the weekend looks sunny and reasonably mild.

The Loaf will probably end up around 28-30 F for a high (at the base, we all know the summit makes its own weather) on Saturday afternoon. Sunday is more like 23-25 F but both days should be at least partly cloudy if not mostly sunny. The sun angle this time of year is STARTING to matter so you'll feel more comfortable than the thermometer might indicate.

Next chance of a storm is Thursday, until then its all good. Quiet and pretty sunny.

Carson out