I checked WebMD for my symptoms and the results are conclusive; I have a virus that will last precisely from Wednesday through Friday of this week....

It's been a weird little stretch for skiers - some snow, some cold, some rain, some 50s.

Since I promised at the beginning of this blog three years ago to always be truthful; this is actual footage of me skiing yesterday:

But, things are looking WAY up for midweek. A storm approaches on Tuesday night and lasts through much of the day on Wednesday.

As has been the story this winter, this will be an "inside runner" meaning the main low pressure system is continental and it approaches from the west. These have been a bear to forecast for the coastline, but relatively straight forward for the Loaf as the air stays cold enough.

The approach, I think, will be the best part of this storm as we get "overruning" snow from the warm front to the south. So the snow will likely start soon after sunset on Tuesday, but the best part will be overnight in the early morning on Wednesday.

By Wednesday mid day the coastal low will take over, leading to mixing for the coast but not for the Loaf. Snow stays heavy.

The low gets "stacked on itself" by Wednesday night and we end as snow showers and squalls. It's probably pretty windy at this point.

Map looks like this:

Thursday looks 100 for skiing. Hovering around freezing with fresh pow.

Cough, cough cough.

Carson out