It's Still Fall

Dec 6, 2018

The Fall of our dreams continues.

That's what's crazy about it; it's still FALL. 

Not meteorologically of course, December 1st is winter in the weenie world...but by most people's definition the feet of snow the Loaf received actually happened in Autumn. Wild.

We knew there was no way to sustain that pace of snowfall; it's something I talked about in depth right before the snow blitz began several weeks ago. But we will do the next best thing when it comes to early season ski mountain life: Keep it very cold.

It's been a while since we've strung together this long a period of below average temperatures (Portland was 6th coldest November on record); and it looks to continue until at least mid month.

This is the aggregate temperature anomaly over the next week.

So very easy snowmaking. Although I admit it'll be pretty freakin' cold for skiing with several days staying in the teens for highs.

No big storms in sight; it's actually kind of an interesting pattern though because there ARE big storms out there. The jet is juiced and things are troughed nicely. But they are just all being pushed east and southeast, essentially by our dome of cold air. 

Watch these next two big storms...Thursday:

And Monday of next week.

Carson Out.