Weekend Storm: The Loaf squeezes some winter out of it

Jan 24, 2020

Admittedly I had no idea there was a weekend storm until yesterday.

I know, I know very off brand for me.

BUT I'm not working this week and I only check the models when I'm off if I know something mega is on the way.

So the first I heard of this storm was when the assignment manager at Newscenter texted me and Gutner with: "StormCenter Sunday??"

So I did some quick model glancing and it looked like it had a chance. Maybe a 6-12" kinda deal for much of the state.

Then I looked again this afternoon, wow how things can change in this game. (Even though i haven't worked all week I'm willing to bet I get blamed for the forecast one way or another. Tell tale sign you've jumped the shark as a local weather personality.)

This was the storm 3 model runs ago:

And this is it now:

Big picture what changed is that instead of a digging coastal low to pull down cold air, the models are now depicting it as a storm that can't quite phase. Meaning it can't phase the inland low to the secondary coastal low.

That allows warm air in aloft, and for many areas that means rain.

However since the Loaf is a tundra, there will be more cold air in place to deal with.

I think the net result of that is snow at the base with sleet possible at the summit. In good conscience I can't rule out a little rain messing around in there as well, but I believe most of this will fall in a wintry form.

The snow that does fall will be very thick and wet. Fun, but hard on the ole legs.

This seems fair to me:

I think 5-6" is the most likely result. But let's hope for a last minute colder trend to turn it into 10."
Ok back to "vacation" which at 36 apparently entails gutting and renovating a bathroom.