Late Christmas Gift

Dec. 28, 2019

So far this has been just like last year: November was an ice box and got us thinking about an epic nonstop winter. Then December came, the snow shut off and the warmth poured in.

But I've got a nice little storm to serve up as an end of the month act of contrition. 

She's kinda a funky setup, but ends justify the means as someone once said. The first round arrives Sunday night late and into Monday. 

Keith Blog Storm Timeline

It'll be a warm front with overrunning snow, but the twist here is that it will be stalled and provided cold air by a REX block to our north. (Google REX block if you're feeling like a weenie today). That cold air flow will mean some of the northern edge of the precipitation will be eaten away by low dew points. So it'll snow off and on lightly at the Loaf during this time period (Monday) but I think the real jackpot for round 1 will be York County. Which is good because they do a lot of skiing down there...

Round 2 is really where it's at for us.

Keith Blog Storm Timeline

That's when a secondary coastal low takes over and the storm starts to resemble something more like a Nor'easter.

By late Monday night into Tuesday morning it'll be coming down pretty good at the mountain.

Keith Blog Weather Map

There will be precipitation type issues at the coast but not for the Loaf. So it's straight cash right through Tuesday night and I actually think it'll be hammering pretty hard in the afternoon at the rate of 1-2" an hour.

When things wrap up Wednesday morning this is what will be on the ground:

Keith Blog Snow Map

Honestly, I'll take the over on 10" for the Loaf, we just didn't want to have to draw in individual peaks on the contour map. Probably more like 12".

Ok that's it I leave on a high note. I'm like Costanza: