Smedium Packages

Dec 27, 2018

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Me, I've had Strep Throat for the last 4 days because I have an infant who goes to daycare. So really; it's my fault. I should know not to touch him...I think I read in a science book once that children don't really need to be touched/loved anyhow.

After last week's Melt-A-Thon-2018, things have stabilized with cold air and generally pleasant mountain conditions. Tonight we will add some refresher snow to the mix.

This isn't a big's really more of a frontal passage. But it'll start as snow statewide late tonight into early tomorrow morning.

This first burst of snow will likely be the best of the storm. So if you want my advice (you don't), lay off the ole hot tub around 10 PM tonight and plan to catch first chair on Friday.

By late morning/noon a warm dose of air slinks in and we change over to sleet. Not as sexy, but still good for the base. 

(My biggest problem with sleet? It's noisy af. Like, we get it...I'm trying to sleep here)

The tail end, late afternoon on Friday, will end as plain rain at the base at least. But the moisture is gone, so it's a non-issue.


I'm thinking 6" for the top and 4-5" for the base.

Quiet for a few days after that. And then there's something cookin' around New Year's Day...

Carson Out.