Tuesday Storm

December 2, 2019

Truth be told, I think I do my first blog post of the year about 1 month later than Sugarloaf would like.

Even though this is my job (the weather, not Sugarloaf boy), I still forget how LONG the winter is at the Loaf. Seems like just yesterday my legs were jello from the 60 and mashed at Reggae Fest. Yet, here we go again.

Old School, Frank the Tank Frank the Tank

It's been a heck of a start so far with plenty of snow and lots of cold. Seasonally speaking that usually bodes well for Dec, Jan, Feb time period. More on that later though.

For now let's talk about this storm. For the most part, honestly, this is a coastal deal. The low is too far offshore and the best deformation bands will be west of the low. However the Loaf should be able to squeeze some goodies out of it.

The above image is about 7 pm tonight, light snow overspreads much of the state.

By Tuesday the coastal low takes over and the nasty bands begin.

You can see that dark blue band is over the Midcoast and not into the Loaf.

That continues through tomorrow:


So if the models hold precisely this is probably a 3-6" kinda storm for the Loaf.

But one glimmer of hope is how bad the models can be at these mesoscale intense banding features. They will have the right orientation of the band I'd wager, but there's always a chance it could bend west enough to hit the Loaf.

Either way, it'll just a little more snow to add to the pile.
Now about that Nov to rest of the winter correlation. It's a good one for skiers in which MOST years that are colder than average in November are followed by above average snowfall. But correlation is not a guarantee, so we shall see.

Final note: We are toying with a Sugarloaf Podcast idea. Something to play on the ride up to the Loaf. We made a pilot for management to listen to, so if it never sees the light of day...well, you know what happened.

Carson out