Back in Business

December 18, 2019

We're back in business, kiddos

I don't care what your therapist says; sometimes it's just better not to talk about it.

Last week I was texting with my Loaf contacts about whether or not to do a blog for the upcoming weekend.

The forecast: Big rain followed by big wind.

But that's all water under the bridge (and on the beach) now and things are looking way up.

First boost came from last evening's snow. While it wasn't a blockbuster it was just what the doctor ordered to reset the base and smooth out some icy spots.

That was nice, but the real key over the next week or so will be the cold.

At first it'll be a BIT much-

But the cold will moderate right in time for the weekend, and will provide the opportunity to blow snow 24/7 if desired. (And if they can afford it after paying me 7 figures to write this blog)

By Saturday afternoon temperatures will be a reasonable 26-28 F at the base.

Both weekend days look to be partly cloudy and dry.

Next week is a big vacation week for many and it looks like smooth sailing: Not too warm, not crazy cold, no rain.