At this point, you've heard.

There's a large storm a brewin' and it's inbound to Maine for Saturday night through Sunday.

We are still 4 days away but there's little doubt in mind this is gonna be a big kid storm.

It's interesting too, from a meteorological standpoint, because this isn't a classic LOOKING storm:

See how it's coming from the Ohio Valley? It's essentially an inside runner. Which usually brings unhappy thoughts to mind for skiers.

But in this case it's got a ton of potential because of a blocking high to the West AND the Northeast.

That serves two important functions:
1) Funnels cold air from the north and keeps it snow
2) It massively slows the snow shield down. So we end up with a long duration storm

So how much? Honestly the track is still a bit too wobbly to know if the biggest totals will be at the Loaf or in Portland. But the high liquid:snow ration should be a big equalizer for the mountains.

I'll come back at you with numbers tomorrow but I'd say the LOW end is 12" right now. And the high end...well, it's much higher.

Looks like a good ole fashioned Crush Job..

You keep using that word... Crush Job

Update as of 2pm Thursday: 

Carson out