Winter's Revenge: The Next 10 Days

Jan 14, 2020

Record warmth over the weekend, major storm drought, Patriots eliminated: It's been a rough few weeks.

But I've got something to warm your sick little snow-hound souls; the busiest stretch of winter weather all season.

I'm calling it the "2.5 storm week" because two are very legit and one is just a baby.

Let's start with the baby, because it makes sense chronologically.

It's just a trough rotating through on Tuesday night. But it'll be plenty cold enough and that will amp up snow amounts.

Straight 10:1 snow ratio would yield you about 1.5" but given that it'll be in the teens I say it's more like 3". Not gonna burn your legs out with a pow day, but nice start.

After a sunny Wednesday we move onto our next helping on Wednesday night into Thursday.

This one is more substantial. It's continental in nature but gets a boost over the Gulf of Maine at the last minute, making it a bit of a Clipper-hybrid.

Now this one has a lot more moisture, but we will just have to make sure it all reaches the Loaf. At the moment I have the heaviest totals a bit south of that.

Still it should be good for 4-6" and I reserve the right to increase those amounts if the trend looks better for the mountain over time.

Then it's onto the storm that makes all our weenie senses tingle: Saturday night/Sunday.

What's so interesting about this storm is that the models ALL have it, and they've all had it since last week. That's pretty unheard of. Usually there's some jerk model like the Canadian that doesn't show any kind of storm.




So it's definitely out there, and it has the biggest potential of the bunch for sure. But will it be 6" or 16"? Even I'm not nuts enough to venture that 6 days out.

Stay tuned, and get stoked.

Carson out.