Double Diamonds and Dad Bods

Nov 13, 2018

Oh, hey, is it that time again? Seems like just yesterday all you Sugarloafers were flooding my FB inbox bitching about the warmest summer on record, which happened to be the most humid summer on record too.

How things have changed.

We went from summer swelter to winter takeover in what seems like the blink of an eye, and with the Loaf opening on Friday....this week's pattern is looking ripe.

A nice hit today (Tuesday) should have enough cold air to drop about 7-8" on the top and 6" at the base. It'll probably be pretty pasty due to boundary layer temperatures but that's to be expected this time of the year; you don't get many high fluff days in November. 

Perhaps more exciting for snowmaking coverage is how COLD it's going to be behind this storm. Highs will only hit 20 F on Wednesday (max) and Thursday morning will be brutal cold.

That cold is important for snowmaking but also for the next storm that arrives on Thursday night.

It'll be plenty cold enough, the big question here is, is the track SO cold and far east that the Loaf ends up on the edge of the more meaty precipitation? It's hard to say right now but the EURO ensemble members are in a really good spot as it stands. 

So I'll keep an eye on that but it certainly has 6"+ potential. My sense is it'll be a big story for the coastline since it would be the first accumulating snow there this season. (Whenever the first big snowstorm hits people come out of the social media woodwork and remember I exist again. Being a meteorologist during the summer up here is like being Michael Phelps in a non olympics, non weed year).

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