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Today at The Loaf


Good Afternoon Sugarloafers,

Amazing conditions prevailed today here at The Loaf with 145 open trails and soft turns across the mountain. My day began with a Gondi lap before heading over to King Pine to sample the goods on the east side.  If I had to choose, my pick of the day would have to be Gondi with thin crowds and smooth turns. It's one of those weeks where it's hard to decide whether to ride from bell to bell or rest up for the storm. All I know is that it feels so good to be in a rhythm of good snow and cold temps. 

Tomorrow's forecast is calling for overcast skies with temps ranging from 2-6° at the base and -6-2° at the summit. The wind is forecast to be light to moderate out of the west-northwest. We'll stay cold throughout the remainder of the week with a storm beginning Saturday night that could deposit 12+ inches of new snow by Monday.   

Groomers will be out on 49 trails overnight including Whiffletree, Ramdown, Sluice, Gauge, Hayburner, King's Landing, and Tote. Snowmakers will rest up before resuming their operation next week.

SuperQuad, Skyline, DRC West, Skidway, Snubber, Sawduster, and the Moosecalator are scheduled for 8:30am. Whiffletree, King Pine, and Timberline are scheduled for 9:00am. DRC West will spin from 8:30-11:30am before DRC East takes over for the remainder of the day. 

Burnt Mountain Cat Skiing will be offered again on MLK Weekend (including Monday), and Jan 25-27, but spots are filling up quickly. Check out all the details and book your tickets here.

Follow us on Twitter @SugarloafSnow for the latest updates on trail and lift status throughout the day. 




Sluice Headwall

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Wednesday, 03:50 PM
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 03:50 PM

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  • Closed Moose-calator
  • Closed Sawduster
  • Closed Snubber
  • Closed Skidway
  • Closed Double Runner East
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  • Closed SuperQuad
  • Closed Skyline
  • Closed #3 T-Bar/Bateau
  • Closed Whiffletree SuperQuad
  • Closed King Pine
  • Closed Timberline
  • Closed West Mountain
Last Updated: Wednesday, 03:50 PM

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