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Today at The Loaf


Good Afternoon Sugarloafers,

It's a good time to be a 'Loafer because this winter has been off the charts so far. We've picked up snow from pretty much every storm this season and Mother Nature isn't stopping anytime soon. This month alone, we've seen well over two feet of new snow and our season total is set to break 200" in the very near future. The forecast for Sunday is looking great for another storm that could produce up to 8-12" here at the Loaf. The mountain is in seriously prime condition for skiing and riding of all abilities, from glades to groomers and everything in between. With a sunny day on tap for tomorrow and more snow on Sunday, this weekend is looking mighty fine here in the high peaks of Western Maine.

Tomorrow's forecast is calling for mostly sunny skies with plenty of soft snow all over the mountain. Temps will range from 26-30° at the base and 14-18° at the summit. The wind is forecast to be light to moderate out of the northwest with stronger gusts possible at higher elevations. Sunday's storm is set to begin around 6am and continue into the evening.

Groomers plan to work on 74 trails overnight including Haulback, Widowmaker, Flume, Ramdown, Whiffletree, Gondi, Sluice, Gauge, King's, Tote, Timberline, Scoot, and Windrow.

Snubber and West Mountain are scheduled for 8:00am. SuperQuad, Whiffletree, DRC East, Skyline, King Pine, Skidway, and Sawduster are scheduled for 8:30am. DRC West, Timberline, #3 T-Bar, and the Moosecalator are scheduled for 9:00am.

Burnt Mountain Cat Skiing resumed this past weekend and will run through this Sunday, February 24th. Check out all the details on our website and purchase Cat Skiing tickets to reserve your spot.

Follow us on Twitter @SugarloafSnow for the latest updates on trail and lift status throughout the day. 

See you at first chair,



King Pine

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Last Updated: Friday, 04:07 PM

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