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Dec. 15th, 1:50 pm

UPDATE 2 pm: Sawduster and DRC B are now closed for the day. Skidway remains on wind hold.

Good Afternoon,

Here we are on the other side of a pretty significant rain storm, and in the aftermath we're dealing with a few weather related challenges. Conditions out on the hill are less than ideal, but temperatures have fallen enough for Snowmaking and Grooming to get back to work on bringing the hill back up to par.  

Temperatures tomorrow will be in the teens at the base and high single digits up top with cloudy skies above. The strong winds could hang around until tomorrow morning, but should taper off in the afternoon. Be sure to check back in here or follow @SugarloafSnow on twitter for the latest updates on conditions and lift status.

Here's the plan for snowmaking and groooming going forward. Snowguns will be firing upon Tote Road, Candyside, Haywire, and Stomping Grounds as the resurfacing project begins. Grooming will focus on getting everything downhill of Peavy X-Cut groomed for tomorrw and they will attempt to make passes higher up on Tote Road, Hayburner, and Kings Landing. The weather will be the deciding factor in the success of these efforts.

ALSO, if you haven't yet, make sure you download the all-new Sugarloaf App to stay up to date on all things Sugarloaf, with alerts & updates, GPS tracking, real-time trail and lift status, events, deals, and so much more!

Uphill Policy:

With the thaw-freeze still happening, and our moutnain ops running full tilt, uphill traffic will continue to be suspended at this time.


As many of you have likely noticed, we are now scanning season passes and lift tickets at most of our lifts. To help speed up the loading process, please have your pass readily available and visible to lift attendants. The best places to display your pass are:

  • Helmet/goggle strap

  • Arm/leg band

  • Lanyard/retractable clasp on your waistband or zipper

Lift Ticket Deals:

Lift tickets are at reduced, early season rates for all ages at the window or as little as $49 when you buy online in advance. Do you have someone on your Christmas list that's a bit difficult to buy for? Look no further than our Elevation Pass. There's two levels, and both offer steep discounts on lift tickets and après. Save up to 15% if you purchase by Saturday.


We have an update for this year's Tree Lighting Festival. Due to the weather forecast, we will be moving the event to next Saturday, Dec. 21st. Join us for an evening of street performers, donut decorating, fireworks and more! The event will kick off at 4pm as previously scheduled. Christmas Vacation Week is quickly sneaking up on us. If you're scrambling for ideas on how to keep the kids or visitors busy, don't worry, we got this. Between s'mores roasting, game nights, live music and comedy there will be something for everyone.

See you next week,


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