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Today at The Loaf


Good Afternoon Sugarloafers,

After yesterday's surprise pow, the mountain was in prime condition today. Patrol opened up Gondi Extension this morning and there were plenty of turns made off the summit. This morning it was actually warmer up top, believe it or not, and the views of Katahdin were simply stunning. 360 degree views from the second tallest mountain in Maine (behind Baxter Peak) remind us why we love our home so much.

The whole team has been rallying to expand terrain and increase the base depth on some of our favorite trails. It's pretty awesome to be skiing almost all of the mountain this early in the season and we couldn't be happier. This unusual, welcomed start to the season has us wondering what else winter will throw at us in the "snowy months" to come.

Tomorrow we'll be skiing and riding on 90 trails and 7 lifts. Whiffletree is scheduled to spin at 9am for the first time this season. Groomers will work on 46 trails tonight including Timberline, Tote, King's, Hayburner, Gauge, Sluice, and Ramdown. As an added bonus, Upper and Lower Gondi Line will get groomed out overnight. Snowmakers are working hard all over the mountain with guns firing on Haulback, Whiffletree, Tohaul, Lower Comp Hill, and Haywire. Don't forget to thank a snowmaker when you see one. They will accept hot beverages as well.

It might have been cold out today, but temps will hang in the teens overnight and rise with the sun in the morning. The forecast for tomorrow is calling for mostly cloudy skies with temps in the mid-20s. After a nearly calm day at the Loaf, there will be a moderate southwest breeze tomorrow at 15-25mph.

The weekend forecast is looking fantastic. While there's no snow in the immediate future, there's no "r-word" either. There is a chance for snow showers at the beginning of next week and we welcome it with open arms. Comfortable temps and all-time December conditions will make the mountain into a playground. It's not a weekend to be missed.

SuperQuad, Skyline, DRC East, Skidway, and Sawduster are scheduled for 8:30am. Whiffletree and Timberline are scheduled for 9:00am. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SugarloafSnow for the latest updates on trail and lift status throughout the day.  

See you at first chair,




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