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Nov. 20th, 1:38 pm

Afternoon all,

The theme for today has been all about perspective. It may not have been bright and sunny out, but we still had the opportunity to ski at the best resort East of the Rockies. If every day were a powder day, then even the term "powder day" would begin to become unfocused and blurry. I was thankful for the fog and the warm temps because they helped me to appreciate just how good it can get here at Sugarloaf. And, let's be real, those powder days are right around the corner!

The forecast is calling for partial sun tomorrow as that cloud cover begins to burn off a bit. Temps will remain on the warmer side with the base in the mid-30's while the summit will hover in the upper-20's.  

Snowmakers are anxious to get the guns firing again after this warm spell, and it's looking like they'll get their chance tonight with their sights set on Narrow Gauge. Grooming will be back at it, smoothing out all open trails, including Hayburner and Candy Side. Be sure to follow @SugarloafSnow on Twitter for the most up to date info on conditions and lifts.

Lift tickets are at reduced early season rates of just $45 for all ages at the ticket window, or as little as $35 when you buy online in advance.

There has been a modification to our uphill policy. We are allowing uphill traffic on the west side of Tote Road only up as far as Bullwinkle's. Tickets will be $10. Our regular uphill policy will resume when conditions, and gear, allow.

Have a Great Evening,


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