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The Outdoor Center Nordic Conditions

Nordic Conditions

Trail Report

Closing Day! Sunday March 28th, 2021 at 2:45PM. The Sugarloaf Outdoor Center will be closing at 3PM today. Fat tire biking trails are closed, until grounds harden up later in the spring. We are having sales on men's and women's apparel, backcountry boots and snowshoes. The Bull Moose café is opening this morning at 11AM. What a great season! It is sad to say, but the season is coming to an end. Sunday March 28th will be the last day the lodge will be open for ticket sales, rentals, restroom use and for dining at the Bull Moose Café. The trails will still be open, so if you have your own gear or can borrow friend's gear you are welcome to come enjoy the trails. As mud season creeps in we would like to request no walking on the trails, and please use care if you're biking so as not to leave any ruts. Please be aware there will not be ski patrol on the trail systems, and they are use at own risk. Weather permitting, we will continue grooming on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays until there is no snow left. The family that is the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center would like to thank you all for sticking with us this year. It was a great season for Nordic skiing and all things outdoors, we met so many new faces and hope to have you back next year. If you are excited for next year like we are, you can purchase your Nordic Season Pass now through our website. https://www.sugarloaf.com/season-passes/nordic-season-pass-22
Last Updated: Monday, 02:14 PM

Trail Conditions

  • Snow Making
  • Groomed
  • Classic Track
  • Fat Biking
  • Closed Warming Hut Trail easiest
    Closed Sunny Breeze easiest
    Closed Pretty Bog easiest
    Closed Oh My Gosh Loop easiest
    Closed Moose Pond Loop easiest
    Closed Redington Connector easiest
    Closed S-Turns easiest
    Closed Narrow Gauge Spur easiest
    Closed Narrow Gauge Pathway easiest
    Closed Snowbrook Trail More difficult
    Closed Old Race Trail More difficult
    Closed Redington Pond Loop More difficult
    Closed Highland Trail More difficult
    Closed Bobcat Alley More difficult
    Closed Bobcat Cutoff More difficult
    Closed Inferno More difficult
    Closed V2 More difficult
    Closed West Branch More difficult
    Closed East Branch More difficult
    Closed 50 Cents More difficult
    Closed Red Stallion More difficult
    Closed The Vista More difficult
    Closed Seven Bridges More difficult
    Closed Race Loop most difficult
    Closed South Horn most difficult
    Closed North Horn most difficult
    Closed Fifty most difficult
  • Closed Skating Rink
    Closed Pond Skating
    Closed Snowshoe Trails
  • Last Updated: Thursday, 06:23 AM

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