Sugarloaf is more than a place, it's a community, made up of generations of 'Loafers' who have found their place here in the mountains. The riders, skiers, and employees that return here year after year are the reason Sugarloaf is so ingrained in the community, and as a community, we have the power to make a difference: we can commit to caring for those who make our success possible.


Through the Sugarloaf Charitable Trust, millions of dollars have been dedicated to the fight against cancer, the youth of Maine, and regional Carrabassett programs. The funds donated to these groups and programs help build a robust regional culture of community support and engagement. 

Sugarloaf Area Sustainable Initiative

The Sugarloaf Area Sustainability Initiative (SASI) was brought to life in 2018 by Sugarloaf employees as a way to tackle sustainability from all angles. SASI is composed of community members who represent community interest, the local schools and town council, and Sugarloaf Resort. Members identify and carry out effective sustainability actions, creating a culture of awareness and action. 
SASI members are encouraged to: 
  • Try out different sustainability actions that help Sugarloaf reach its net carbon zero goal by 2030 while engaging the community
  • Discuss challenges and successes with each idea and project
  • Make recommendations for a more sustainable workplace

Shuttle Service

Sugarloaf recognizes the economic and environmental impact of commuting to work in a rural setting. To help employees get to work in a safer and more sustainable manner, Sugarloaf has provided an employee shuttle from Madison to the mountain; in addition, we’ve partnered with Western Maine Transit to provide transportation from Farmington to Sugarloaf. The two shuttles have run since 2018.