Sugarloaf relies on cold winters, snowfall, and stable weather patterns; without these essential elements, our winters will become shorter, snowfall will decrease, and skiing as we know (and love) it will fundamentally change forever. Through various acts of advocacy, Sugarloaf is able to leverage its platform to help educate the public on climate change, ensure that the government is considering climate change throughout their policy decisions, and help take the industry in a new direction.

Climate Change

In 2019, Sugarloaf Resort—under the guidance of Boyne Resorts—joined the NSAA Climate Challenge. The Climate Challenge asks participating resorts to conduct four acts of advocacy that relate to climate protection; 2020 was the first year that Sugarloaf fully embraced this opportunity.

When it comes to our transition to becoming a more sustainable ski resort, Sugarloaf recognizes the incredible importance of customer engagement, direct correspondence with Maine’s State Representatives, and nationwide pledges.

In December of 2020, Sugarloaf signed the “America Is Still In Pledge,” signifying to both the public and the federal government that we are committed to developing a climate strategy that meets the urgency of the climate crisis. Additionally, on March 18, 2021, Boyne USA signed the “Business/Investor Letter in Support of an Ambitious U.S. 2030 NDC.”

In June of 2022 Sugarloaf sided with the planet by endorsing a Climate Action Letter to President Biden “Climate Action is a Business Priority” in order to immediately act to pass climate legislation. The cry for climate action led to the Inflation Reduction Act being signed into law on August 16, 2022, which proposed $369 billion in climate investments. Boyne Resorts wrote letters to all their democratic Senators from their states asking them to pass the Inflation Reduction Act on August 5, 2022.

With encouragement from Sugarloaf Resort, Boyne has made it clear that we expect our government to adopt ambitious yet entirety attainable goal of cutting GHG emissions by at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030. Sugarloaf sees these types of commitments as a catalyst for more action and accountability before it's too late. Most recently, Sugarloaf had direct correspondence with Maine’s State Representatives in the 117th Congress, asking for them to support policy tools that will allow for a lifetime of outdoor recreation experiences for all, propel our nation’s transition to an equitable clean energy economy, and sustain healthy ecosystems.

Sugarloaf has been fortunate to collaborate with local NGOs, such as the Kennebunkport Climate Initiative and Protect Our Winters, to create customer engagement on climate change. These events are something that we will continue to participate and partake in as we utilize our own learnings to bring more people into the conversation.

Check out KCI Webinar recording, “Our Changing Winters,” below.

KCI: Our Changing Winters Join us for the latest in KCI's Climate Action Webinar Series, this February installment focusing on our changing winters due to climate change, and what youth (and adult allies) can do to get involved in protecting this beloved season.

These varying acts of advocacy will continue to strengthen our relationship with our customers, employees, and governing bodies.

Sustainable Slopes Badge

The Sustainable Slopes Climate Action Advocacy badge recognizes ski areas that have advocated for climate change solutions at the federal, state, or local level. They have endorsed a broad range of climate solutions campaigns, all supporting movement in policy to help solve climate change.

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