We asked. You answered. More than 11,000 photos from Sugarloafers around the world came flooding in, and the Mosaic is now complete. See it up close- it's now installed in the Widowmaker at the top of the Base Lodge.

E Pluribus

If we're being literal, it's just a mountain. A 4,273 foot tall pile of rocks. But as anybody who's spent time here knows, Sugarloaf is much more than that. It's a feeling. A way of life. A community born from a shared love of getting outside and having fun. No matter who you are or where you came from, if you're here, you're a Sugarloafer. E Pluribus. Of Many.

To put it simply, we're not us without you. This season, we're celebrating that with the E Pluribus Mosaic. We're collecting thousands of images of Sugarloafers throughout the winter to create an image of Sugarloaf. Quite literally building Sugarloaf out of Sugarloafers.