Your Car is Your Base Lodge:

How to Make the Most of Your Post-Ski Parking Lot Tailgate Sesh

By Gabrielle Martin

When Sugarloaf announced that there would be restrictions involving Base Lodge use for this season, we all understood and still there was still a pang of bitter disappointment at the loss of our beloved Loaf Lodge, with its convenience and ease: it was the perfect place to take inside time and escape the elements! However, the new practice of "Your Car is Your Base Lodge" doesn't have to be so bad. In fact, I've seen a lot of Loafers doing it real right, and it's time to take a tip from them. You don't need a grill or parking lot games (though I have seen, and must applaud, both) to have a great time tailgating. All it takes it the right attitude and outwear, plus some take-it-to-go creature comforts! Here's how: 

You're going to want to bring plenty of cozy blankets for wrapping up and keeping warm in-between runs. 

Another must-have item for ensuring comfort while tailgating is camping chairs, offering foldable convenience while being able to whether the weather. 

Of course, you can't truly have a tailgate without a cooler, which is all the better complimented by bringing koozies! 

Music sets the scene, so you'd better bring a  speaker, or at least be prepared with a plastic cup; however it happens, even if it's just the radio on, you need good tunes to tailgate to. 

Cards are never a bad idea to have on-hand, either.  

 You have a lot of options for take-it-to-go sustenance and our incredible mountainside eateries are part of an immersive Sugarloaf experience. To name a few: 

 Alice and Lulu's Mountainside, located in Sugarloaf Village within sight of the Super Quad, offers customizable cheese and charcuterie boards that will make for sensational snacking. 

 The Après-in-a-Box option at the Widowmaker is a one-stop shop, so to speak: this bundle has all the elements essential for an A+ après ski sesh including the best-of-the-best bar snacks as well as cans of delicious Widowmaker IPA. And no après event would be complete without tunes, so the wonderful bartenders at the Widowmaker compiled a custom Spotify playlist to set the tone.  

The famous Bag Burger from claims to be the best in Carrabassett: this mouth-watering meal is sure to energize an individual for an afternoon of taking turns. From the legendary Bag burger to craft brews, this gastropub is a go-to for many lifelong Loafers. 

Order online or at the widow fromD'elliesfor delectable soups and sandwiches.  

You can also opt to take-it-to-go from Narrow Gauge Food Court, located on the ground level of Base Lodge. It's as easy as placing an order from the lift line, taking a lap, picking up your food on the way out, and head to the parking lot to chow down on a well-deserved snack... 

If you're opting out to bring your own, here are a few tips for how take to your tailgate to new heights this season: I've seen Sugarloafers bringing crockpots that you can plug into your car (yes, those exist and yes, I might have ordered one online), folding tables, and grills. I think these innovations just speak to the brightness of the spirit of ski season and the love of the Loaf.

As we adjust to "the New Normal," we're constantly presented with new opportunities to think outside the box and make the most of the given moment. So, Sugarloafers, we'll make the most of it, whether we're at the top of Timberline or in lot D.