Pick Your Park

By Ben Amburgey, Brendan O’Banion, and Gabrielle Martin

Develop your freestyle skills with challenging and fun features in any of Sugarloaf’s 5 open terrain parks.


Boardwalk, Beginner’s Best Friend
Size: Small

New to the terrain parks scene? Want to build and progress tricks and skills? Then Boardwalk is the place to be. Located under the Double Runner lift, the Boardwalk park contains a variety of boxes, jumps, snow features, and rails, including a mini-pipe. Keep an eye out for feature changes throughout the season; this not only helps skiers and riders take on new challenges, but ensures things stay fresh and fun for visitors. Speaking of, here’s a fun fact: the small jumps in this park get more use than any other jumps in any other park.


Upper Tote, A Progression Park with a View
Size: Small/medium

New this season, the Upper Tote park is located high on the shoulder of the mountain, just below the halfway house off—you guessed it—Tote Road. If you’re feeling confident and ready to upgrade your game, this is the next step for anybody wanting to start to ski or ride on medium-sized features, and can be lapped from the Timberline lift.

Upper Tote Park 

This park currently houses an assortment of small-to-medium sized boxes and rails, but as Mother Nature provides the STP crew with more natural snow, you’ll likely see some snow features start show up here. Among the newly-built offerings in this park includes the Batwing box, which itself is entirely new this year; be sure to check it out in your on-hill adventures.


Spurline, Make The Journey A Destination
Size: Medium

Spurline is another new addition to the Sugarloaf Terrain Parks scene this season; due to its location off Tote Road and just above Stomping Grounds, the STP team likes to think of this flowy medium-sized park as an extension to Stomping Grounds—it’s also a practical way to extend your feature count per lift ride. With a range of boxes, jumps, rails, and snow features, Spurline can be used as a sort-of warm up on your way to Stomping Grounds, Sidewinder, or Drop Line from the SuperQuad, or you can connect from the park on Upper Tote Road to Binder-Spurline-Peavy Cross Cut for a high-altitude lap that can be repeated via the Skyline chair. This park is even home to a fan-favorite feature, the newly-added Rainbox box.


Stomping Grounds, Most Popular Park
Size: Medium

Stomping Grounds is both the most popular and most used park at Sugarloaf—and there’s a reason for that: if park is your thing, then Stomping Grounds will have you lapping the SuperQuad all day. Located mid-mountain between Candyside and Haywire, Stomping Grounds is home to a variety of features, including a classic 3-pack jumpline, plaza/skate style jib setups, and an assortment of sweet snow features; the newest addition to the line-up is a 360 degrees rail, a challenging feature that is super rewarding for those able to make the full loop.

Stomping Grounds 

Perhaps what is best-loved about Stomping Grounds is that this park is always evolving, so be sure to visit each time you ski or ride, as you may find change ups or new features to enjoy.


Sidewinder Border/Ski Cross Course, Fun For All
Size: Large

Whether you’re an athlete seeking a challenging run, a daredevil searching for a thrill, or looking for family-friendly fun, the Sidewinder BX Course has something for you; Sidewinder is a favorite among CVA athletes and Sugarloaf guests alike. The visuals of Sidewinder speak for itself, and give cause for its name: this sprawling roller coaster of a trail just below Peavy X-Cut from Competition Hill—visible on your left when riding the SuperQuad—is composed of a variety of banked turns, jumps, rollers, and snow features.


This season, professional BX course builder Shawn Caulson assisted the STP crew with the course build.


Special thanks to the Sugarloaf Terrain Parks team for collaborating on this blog.


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