New Wintersteiger Jupiter Tuning Device at Downhill Supply Co.

by Gabrielle Martin

Get your gear winter-ready with the new king of automated ski tuning at Downhill Supply Company!


Introducing the Jupiter, a new fully automated servicing system for skis and snowboards by Wintersteiger. This tailor-made machine offers the perfect customized solution for every demand, from small entry-level services to maximum capacity jobs, with an output of over 70 pairs of skis per hour.

  • Behind the Brand: Wintersteiger is the global market leader in racing service solutions, servicing the Austrian, German, and United States Ski Teams as well as ski manufacturers Atomic, Fischer, Head, Rossignol, and Salomon. The company boasts four decades of experience and more than 35,000 ski tuning machines sold worldwide, 1,500 of which are automated ski tuning machines.

With 5 different processing modules, 3 feeding variants, and 3 application levels all available for different service requirements, the new Wintersteiger Jupiter is certain to be a game-changer for ski shops—and one has found itself a home in Sugarloaf’s very own Downhill Supply Company, conveniently located in the heart of the Village.

Wintersteiger Jupiter tuning devicePhoto by Wintersteiger.

As an iconic staple on the mountain’s retail scene, Downhill Supply Co. has consistently prided itself as housing the latest in tuning technology, supported by an experienced staff of technicians to keep your gear in tip-top shape. And, as is the case with every Wintersteiger machine, its level of precisions remains the very best in the industry.

  • When asked about Jupiter’s biggest improvements, Daniel Steiniger, head of Wintersteiger’s Sports Business Field, said: “The absolute highlight is the variable edge grinding with the V-Edge technology as well as the Trim Cut side wall processing unit and digital ski recognition.”

    Product Manager Hans Aigner adds, “At 67 dB(A), the Jupiter is extremely quiet. We have invested heavily in stability and reliability—the Jupiter is the best product on the market!”

    Located in the lower level of Downhill Supply Co., the Wintersteiger Jupiter tuning device is, like its abilities, larger-than-life, taking up an entire room—think the size of an early-days, 1980s computer.


    Wintersteiger Jupiter tuning device


    This is not your mother’s typical fold-up tuning bench: the Jupiter’s product line includes fully automatic service stations, base and edge machines, race service machines, base repair and binding adjustment machines, waxing machines, and rental software as well as rental, depot, and drying systems.

    • V-edge for Variable Angles: The Jupiter’s innovative and unique technology grinds base and side edges along the ski length in the front and rear areas with variable angles, facilitating optimum edge grip while also prioritizing easy control of the ski.

      Wintersteiger’s Daniel Steiniger said, “Jupiter-ground skis deliver an entirely new skiing experience. The innovative edge technology is unique. You should really experience this revolutionary technology to truly understand it.”

    • New Trim Cut processing unit: The new Trim Cut processing unit for dressing the side walls optimally prepares the ski for subsequent edge grinding, making manual cutting or removal of the side wall no longer necessary.

    Wintersteiger Jupiter tuning device 

    • Digitized for automatic ski recognition: The Jupiter is able to automatically recognize skis and compare them with the data stored in its software, activating the appropriate or saved edge grinding parameters—the advantage being personalized edge grinding without requiring slow, time-consuming manual attention; alternatively, a QR code applied to the ski can be scanned.

    • High-tech new Tune Pilot: Providing perfect structure and edge preparation is the all-new Tune Pilot, a feature that offers predefined parameters regarding snow conditions and skiing ability at the push of a button.

      A “dashboard” is used to monitor the machine, usage, and consumption parameters, with all data stored on the Cloud and available on smartphone, tablet, or PC.

    Tune in to the latest in automated ski tuning technology and get your gear ready for the start of ski season at Downhill Supply Co. with the Jupiter!

    • Pro-tip: Treat your equipment to a professional tune and thank us later.

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