Behind The Bar: Widowmaker

An Elevated Après Experience

By Gabrielle Martin

Located in the top of the Base Lodge, the Widowmaker is the heart and soul of Sugarloaf’s drinking and dining scene: head here for great beer and elevated après classics. This hip hub is the perfect place to sip on spirits while looking out over the hustle and bustle of the Beach.

“Since the renovation, we’ve kept the same soul,” says Karen Seile, who manages the Widowmaker. “We are that aprés bar. It’s tradition to get done with runs and come here to enjoy a beer.” And she’s absolutely right: featuring 20 Maine-brewed beers on tap plus a mouth-watering menu, an afternoon or evening spent here is a timeless Sugarloaf rite of passage. The new-and-improved interior of the Widowmaker is airy and bright, with floor-to-ceiling windows that allows sunlight to seep in; the bar’s cool color scheme, an assortment of blues, browns, and grays, contrast the warm atmosphere inside.

This afternoon, we’ll be taking you behind the bar at one of the Loaf’s most iconic spots to learn how to make one of their most popular drinks, a Cinnamon Maple Sour.

Cinnamon Maple Sour

This delicious drink is super simple to make, requiring just 5 ingredients—the first of which is ice! So, first things first: fill a glass with ice. Not too tough, right?

Next, add 1.5 ounces of Maker’s Mark. Don’t be stingy, either: a generous pour never goes unappreciated.

Then, you’ll want to add a splash of real Maine-maple syrup for a dash of sweetness and top it all off with sour mix, which you can purchase or make yourself—all sour mix is citrus juice (you can use lemon and/or lime) and simple syrup, shaken with ice.

The last step is sprinkling cinnamon on the drink’s foaming top for a fun and flavorful flare.   

After our how-to tutorial, I sat down with the bartending team for a quick Q&A.

Q: Although your menu of mixed drinks is very popular, the Widowmaker is very much a beer bar; are there any local brews you’d like to highlight in this article?

A: “Absolutely! Our most popular is Orono Brewing Company’s Widowmaker IPA.” Brewed specially to celebrate the Widowmaker’s legendary slope-side social scene, this IPA boasts an assertively juicy flavor from its Sabro, Strata, and Ekuanot cryo hops. “Additionally, Baxter Craft Brewery is our Reggae Fest sponsor, and they’re certainly worth a mention.” Baxter Brewery has been crafting quality beers in the iconic Lewiston Bates Mill since 2011. Keep an eye out for their limited release, Road to Reggae; this light mountain lager is available seasonally in the weeks leading up to Reggae Fest.

Q: How about for those who don’t drink beer (yes, they exist!) and won’t go for a mixed drink?

A: “Our Citizens bRosé from Vermont is our #1 selling cider, made by co-fermenting blueberries alongside fresh local cider. It has a nice, light, dry flavor.”

Q: What are 3 words that best describe the atmosphere of the Widowmaker?

A: “Comfortable, energetic, and friendly.”

Q: Bartender’s choice?

A: The staff unanimously name their spicy Jalapeño Margarita, which they say pairs well with their resort-famous wings in Widowmaker sauce.