A Late Shift Saves The Loaf

by Keith Carson

I wanted to write about this storm a few days ago, but it was just too risky.

At the time some pretty good computer models had almost 0 snow for Sugarloaf. It was part of a more progressive, faster solution. That solution actually lasted about 36 hours, but much like Patrick Mahomes…weather only needs one last play to change the outcome.

And so I come to you today with good news: The storm has ticked back West and put Sugarloaf in line for a good hit of snow.

storm map 1

Now, going by that map it doesn’t look AMAZING, but I believe the terrain will help us out at the Loaf.

There will be some strong snow bands banking up very close to the hill…if we can get one of those to stall, the sky is the limit.

storm map 2It’ll be throwing down pretty hard by mid day with the heaviest snow through the afternoon into early evening.

It might be windy enough for a wind hold, but I’ll let the big kids who run the operation decide that.

Overall, I’m pretty hyped on this storm. I hope you are too.

- Carson out.

KEITH CARSON | Weather Czar