Sugarloaf Charitable Trust

About The Trust

The Sugarloaf Regional Charitable Trust is a private, nonprofit trust, dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities that make up the Sugarloaf area. The trust provides financial assistance to organizations with nonprofit, tax-exempt status. The goal of this assistance is to encourage the growth of existing human service and cultural organizations and the development of new organizations that will involve and improve the lives of those who live, work and recreate in the Sugarloaf area. These organizations will be able to rely on a certain level of assistance from the fund and therefore be able to develop long-range plans of growth.


The Trust is administered by a Board of Trustees, who are appointed as follows:

  • 2 elected by employees of Sugarloaf
  • 2 employees appointed by Sugarloaf management
  • 2 non-employee community members appointed by Sugarloaf management

Funding and Allocations

The Trust is funded by direct contributions from Sugarloaf employees, which are matched by Sugarloaf. In addition, the Trust accepts tax-deductible donations, and benefits from a number of fundraisers, including the Sugarloaf Marathon and the Winterkids Downhill 24. 

The Trust allocates funds twice a year, in April and October, to cultural, human service and other organizations that request grants by submitting formal applications for specific projects. Grants are awarded to charitable organizations whose primary purposes are to enhance the quality of life and meet human service needs in the communities that make up the Sugarloaf area.

Preference for grants is given to special projects that have a clear and measurable impact, and to projects whose use of the grant monies will create programs that will become self-sufficient. 


The Sugarloaf Region Charitable Trust does not provide funding for the following:

  • Any political campaign on behalf of any issue or candidate
  • Endowment fund
  • Religious activities
  • Individual fund-raising efforts and events (i.e. Walk-AThons, Telethons, etc.)
  • Goodwill advertising of a public relations or publicity nature or testimonials
  • Agencies that are members of United Way organizations, except in emergency situations
  • Athletic events that do not benefit qualified organizations as stated in Eligibility Criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All organizations requesting funding must have Internal Revenue code 501-C(3) nonprofit status.
  2. Organizations must demonstrate a clear need for private financial support.
  3. A clear impact on the communities that make up the Sugarloaf area must be shown.

Request Guidelines

All requests to the Sugarloaf Region Charitable Trust must be submitted using the request form below. Applications must be received by March 15 and September 30 each year.

Fill out my online form.