When the lifts stop spinning, the party is just beginning. Send it on over to the Widowmaker after a day of shredding for live après entertainment most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout the season.

Winter Entertainment Schedule 2023/2024

  • Dates Artist Set Time
    Friday, December 22 Breakin' Strings Duo 3-6pm
    Saturday, December 23 Triple Creek 3-6pm
    Tuesday, December 26 Matt Damons 3-6pm
    Wednesday, December 27 Robin Cottle 3-6pm
    Thursday, December 28 Jordan Kaulback 3-6pm
    Friday, December 29 Juke Joint 3-6pm
    Saturday, December 30 Seagrass 3-6pm
    Sunday, December 31 New Year's Eve w/ Gina & Red Eye Flight Crew 9pm-12:30am; 21+. Tickets are available here.

  • Dates Artist Set Time
    Wednesday, January 3 Jason Mancine 3-6pm
    Friday, January 5 Electric Mountain An Electronic Dance Music event at the Widowmaker featuring The Hive for après 3-6pm & 9pm-12:30am. Tickets available soon.
    Saturday, January 6 Electric Mountain An Electronic Dance Music event at the Widowmaker for après 3-6pm & in the King Pine Room 8pm-12:30am.Tickets available soon.
    Friday, January 12 Breakin' Strings 3-6pm
    Monday, January 15 Matt Damons  3-6pm
    Wednesday, January 17 Robin Cottle 3-6pm
    Wednesday, January 24 Jordan Kaulback 3-6pm
    Friday, January 26 Chicken Street Band 3-6pm
    Saturday, January 27 Seagrass 3-6pm
    Saturday, January 27 Dirty Gems 9pm-12:30am; 21+
  • Dates Artist Set Time
    February 2-4 Fire on the Mountain Festival
    Wednesday, February 7 Chicken Street Band 3-6pm
    Friday, February 9 Triple Creek 3-6pm
    Saturday, February 10 Matt Newburg & the Hearts of Gold 2-5pm
    Saturday, February 10 The Mallet Brothers Band w/ Chicken Street Band as the opening act,  9pm-12:30pm
    Wednesday, February 14 Jason Mancine 3-6pm  
    Friday, February 16 Breakin' Strings 3-6pm
    Saturday, February 17 Tom Hoatson & The Traveling Newburys 3-6pm
    Sunday, February 18 Andi Fawcett 2-5pm
    Monday, February 19 Matt Damons  3-6pm
    Tuesday, February 20 Matt Damons 3-6pm
    Wednesday, February 21 Robin Cottle 3-6pm
    Thursday, February 22 Matt Damons 3-6pm
    Friday, February 23 Chicken Street Band 3-6pm
    Saturday, February 24 Seagrass 3-6pm 
    Sunday, February 25 Jay Larkin 2-5pm 
    Wednesday, February 28 Matt Damons 3-6pm
  • Dates Artist Set Time
    Friday, March 1 Juke Joint 3-6pm
    Sunday, March 3 Crowded Table Duo 2-5pm
    Wednesday, March 6 Jordan Kaulback 3-6pm
    Friday, March 8 Gabe Tonon 3-6pm
    Friday, March 8  Nick Casey & The Full Dam Band 9pm-12:30am; 21+
    Saturday, March 9 Liz Frame & The Kickers 3-6pm
    Saturday, March 9 Ward Hayden & The Outliers 9pm-12:30am; 21+
    Wednesday, March 13 Robin Cottle 3-6pm
    Friday, March 15 Band Beyond Description 3-6pm
    Saturday, March 16 Matt Newburg & the Hearts of Gold 3-6pm
    Saturday, March 16 Slane 9pm-12:30am; 21+ 
    Wednesday, March 20 Matt Damons 3-6pm
    Saturday, March 23 Seagrass 3-6pm
    Wednesday, March 27 Matt Damons 3-6pm
    Friday, March 29 Crowded Table Trio 3-6pm 
    Saturday, March 30 Triple Creek 3-6pm
    Sunday, March 31 Andi Fawcett 2-5pm
  • Dates Artist Set Time
    Wednesday, April 3 Robin Cottle 3-6pm
    Saturday, April 6 Juke Joint 3-6pm
    Saturday, April 6 Skosh 9pm-12:30am; 21+
    Sunday, April 7 Tom Faunce Pink Floyd 2-5pm
    April 6-9
    Reggae Festival 
    More details coming soon. 
    Sunday, April 21
    Jordan Kaulback
    Saturday, April 27
    11am - 2pm; Playing outside on the Beach during Passholder BBQ

Upcoming Evening Shows 

  • Electric Mountain - Learn More

    Electric Mountain

    Jan 5 - 6 2024

  • Fire On The Mountain -

    Fire On The Mountain

    Feb 2 - 4 2024

  • Reggae Fest -

    Reggae Fest

    Apr 12 - 14 2024

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