When the lifts stop spinning, the party is just beginning. Send it on over to the Widowmaker after a day of shredding for live apres entertainment most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout the season.


Dates Artist Set Time
Friday, December 23 Chase Winn 3-6pm
Monday, December 26 Jordan Kaulback 3-6pm
Tuesday, December 27 Tim Sullivan Duo 3-6pm
Wednesday, December 28 Toby McAllister  3-6pm
Thursday, December 29 Steve Jones & Erik Glockler 3-6pm
Friday, December 30 Jeff Beam & Friends 3-6pm
Saturday, December 31
21+ only
Tickets coming soon. Doors open at 8:30pm, show 9-12:30am


Dates Artist Set Time
Wednesday, January 4 Robin Cottle 3-6pm
Friday, January 6 TBD 3-6pm
Saturday, January 7 TBD 2-7pm 
Wednesday, January 11 Abe Whittaker  3-6pm
Friday, January 13 Chase Winn  3-6pm
Saturday, January 14 Jameson Four 3-6pm
Wednesday, January 18 Toby McAllister  3-6pm
Friday, January 20 Seagrass 3-6pm
Saturday, January 21 TBD 3-6pm
Wednesday, January 25 TBD 3-6pm
Friday, January 27 TBD 3-6pm
Saturday, January 28 TBD 3-6pm 


Dates Artist Set Time
Wednesday, February 1 TBD 3-6pm
February 3-5 Fire On The Mountain Festival Tickets coming soon
Wednesday, February 8 Abe Whittaker 3-6pm
Friday, February 10 Chase Winn  3-6pm
Saturday, February 11 Jeff Beam & Friends 3-6pm
Saturday, February 11 Band of Killers 9pm-12:30am
Sunday, February 12 Steven Jones & Erik Glockler 2-5pm
Wednesday, February 15 Toby McAllister 3-6pm
Friday, February 17 TBD 3-6pm 
Saturday, February 18 Tom Hoatson & Traveling Newburys 3-6pm
Sunday, February 19 TBD 2-5pm
Monday, February 20 Steve Jones & Erik Glockler 3-6pm
Tuesday, February 21 Jordan Kaulback 3-6pm
Wednesday, February 22 Robin Cottle 3-6pm
Thursday, February 23 TBD 3-6pm
Friday, February 24 Seagrass 3-6pm 
Saturday, February 25 Jeff Beam & Friends 3-6pm 
Sunday, February 26 Toby McAllister 2-5pm 


Dates Artist Set Time
Wednesday, March 1 TBD 3-6pm
Friday, March 3 Tim Sullivan Trio  3-6pm
Saturday, March 4 Tom Hoatson & Traveling Newburys 3-6pm
Sunday, March 5 TBD 2-5pm
Wednesday, March 8 Jordan Kaulback 3-6pm
Friday, March 10 Cold Chocolate 3-6
Saturday, March 11 Cold Chocolate 3-6pm
Sunday, March 12 TBD 2-5pm
Wednesday, March 15 Abe Whittaker 3-6pm
Friday, March 17 Seagrass 3-6pm
Saturday, March 18 TBD 3-6pm 
Sunday, March 19 TBD 2-5pm
Wednesday, March 22 Toby McAllister 3-6pm
Friday, March 24 Tim Sullivan Duo 3-6pm
Saturday, March 25 Tim Sullivan Trio 3-6pm
Sunday, March 26 TBD 2-5pm
Wednesday, March 29 Robin Cottle  3-6pm
Friday, March 31 Marshall Nelson Trio 3-6pm


Dates Artist Set Time
Saturday, April 1 TBD 3-6pm
Sunday, April 2 TBD 3-6pm
Wednesday, April 5 TBD 3-6pm
April 7-9
Reggae Festival 
Tickets coming soon