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Sugarloaf Lodging During Your Stay

During Your Stay

Lodging Directory

  • Checkout time is 11:00AM. Guests renting from Sugarloaf are welcome to use the Sugarloaf Sports & Fitness Center or Hotel Health Club to shower and change after skiing.

  • See restaurant hours, menus, and more at sugarloaf.com/dining

  • The Hotel Hot Tub is open from 10am-10pm.   Please monitor your time and allow for the enjoyment of all to use.  The Hotel Health Club is limited to a maximum of 3 guests at one time from 6am-9pm.  A registered guest room key is required for entry at both locations.  Please observe all signs.  

  • If you would like to extend your stay or request a late checkout, call the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel Front Desk at 207.237.4201. Please keep in mind that late checkouts often cannot be accommodated.

  • Keys are to be returned in the envelope provided to the location where they were issued by 5:00PM. Guests will be charged $25.00 per unreturned key.

  • The Condo Check-In Center offers floor mattresses (Bed-N-Bag) and portable cribs (Pack-N-Play) for a flat price of $20.00 per stay. Availability is limited, please call the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel Front Desk at 237-2000 with your request.

    The Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel has a limited number of cots available at a cost of $20.00 per night, and floor mattresses or portable cribs (Pack-N-Play) at a cost of $10.00 per night, plus tax.

  • The front desk staff is available at the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel at all times.

    During the winter season, the front desk staff is available at the Condo Check-In Center from 8:00AM to midnight Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. If you need assistance during non-staffed hours or the summer season, call the Sugarloaf Switchboard at (207) 237-2000 located at the front desk of the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel.

  • All lodging guests are allocated two parking spaces during their stay. Overflow parking is available in lots E&F; make sure to fill out an Overflow Parking Form from the Condo Check-In Center or Hotel Front Desk.

    Condo parking spaces are managed by private associations. Permits must be visible at all times. Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed or removed at the owner's expense.

  • Sorry, pets are not allowed in any Sugarloaf-owned lodging. Extra cleaning fees will be applied for any violations to this policy. Service animals are permitted with advance notice given at time of reservation.

  • Sugarloaf is a smoke free resort. All lodging units are non-smoking. Smoking or vaping in your room or condo will result in a $200.00 charge, which will be added to the room bill to cover the cost of cleaning.

  • Snowmobile use is prohibited on Sugarloaf property by anyone other than Sugarloaf employees authorized to use them in conjunction with their jobs.

  • Telephones

    • Telephones in condos are restricted from making long distance calls.

    • Long distance calls must be made using a calling card, or by calling collect.

    • All local calls are free.

    • Toll calls made from Hotel guest rooms are charged at typical daytime rates for the type of call made.

    Front Desk

    • Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel Front Desk 4201 or dial 0

    • Sugarloaf Condominiums (207) 237-2000

    • Sugarloaf Switchboard(207) 237-2000

    Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel

    • Hotel Room to Hotel Room Call the front desk at 7 + Room number
    • Hotel Room to Condo Dial 8 + Condo phone Number(The Sugarloaf switchboard has a complete listing of condo phone numbers)
    • Hotel Room to Local Number Dial 8+ Local Number

    Sugarloaf Condominiums

    • Condo to Condo Dial Condo phone number (The Sugarloaf switchboard has a complete listing of condo phone numbers)
    • Condo to Hotel Room (207) 237-2000 Ask the switchboard operator for connection by registered guest name
    • Condo to Local Number8 + Local Number

    Long Distance Services

    • If making a long distance call from your hotel room telephone, charges may apply.

    Message Retrieval

    • For guests in the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel press the red button, an automated operating system will guide you through the message retrieval process.

    • Channel 17 (WSKI) is our RSN affiliate and local broadcast station dedicated to providing Sugarloaf guests with up-to-date information on weather, ski conditions, lifts and trails.

    • Please consult Channel 20 for Time Warner channel and program listings.

    • Spectrum TV For television cable problems1-833-780-1880

    Local TV Listings