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Platinum Pass Platinum Ikon

Ikon Base Pass Redemption & Policies

As part of your 21/22 Platinum New England Pass, you qualify for an Ikon Base Pass for the 21/22 season. Below are details about your pass, and instructions on how to redeem it. 

    • Unlimited and 5-day access to 40 global destinations; does not include Jackson Hole or Aspen Snowmass
    • 8 Friends & Family vouchers valid at participating destinations
    • Various food & beverage, retails and lodging discounts at select destinations
    • This pass does not qualify for Adventure Assurance through Ikon Pass. 
    • For a full list of benefits and access details for the Ikon Base Pass, please visit Ikonpass.com
    • Your Ikon Base Pass will not have access to the mountain(s) included on your Platinum New England Pass
    • Pass is strictly intended for the assigned Platinum New England Pass holder, non-transferable. Privileges for passes redeemed fraudulently will be revoked.
    • Non-refundable, cannot be exchanged for cash
    • Valid for the 21/22 season only.
    • Your Ikon Base Pass will not have access to the mountain(s) on your Platinum New England Pass
    • The Ikon Base Pass code must be redeemed at IkonPass.com or by calling Ikon Pass Call Center (888-365-4566, Option 5)
    • Your Ikon Base Pass is not eligible for upgrades or for Adventure Assurance
    • A one-time use code will be provided by Sugarloaf to be redeemed on IkonPass.com, valid at checkout or through the Ikon Pass Call Center (888-365-4566, Option 5) 
      *Note: Please contact Sugarloaf if you can't locate your issued code. Ikon Pass does not maintain record of individual codes.
    • The unique code is valid through December 10, 2020
    • Step by step direction:

    Step 1:Visit Ikonpass.com
    Step 2: Select BUY NOW or 20/21 Passes under the top left navigation 
    Step 3: Select BUY NOW under Ikon Base Pass 
    Step 4: Select Ikon Base Pass < Add to Cart (Prices will be waived at the final check-out step)
    Step 5: Select ADD PROMO CODE

    Enter one unique promo code per pass
    Multiple codes can be redeemed through the checkout process 
    Total will adjust to $0 at the end of this step

    Step 6: Set up your account and assign the pass to the correct pass holder
    Step 7: Sign the Electronic Release of Liability waiver and upload a photo
    Step 8: Finish the check-out process

    • All Ikon Pass fulfillment will begin in October 2020 and may take up to two weeks from the time of redemption thereafter
    • Passes cannot be issued until a photo is uploaded and waivers are signed
    • Your pass can also be picked up at any North American Ikon Pass destination guest services center or ticket window during operational hours where your pass is valid. You will need your confirmation number and ID. If you receive a pass in the mail after you pick up your pass at the mountain, the Ikon Base Pass in the mail will be void.
    • You may not pick up your 20/21 Ikon Base Pass at Aspen Snowmass, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or at the mountain(s) where your local season pass is valid.
    • For help redeeming your Ikon Base Pass, please call (888-365-4566, Option 5)
    • For questions regarding your eligibility, code or local product, please call Sugarloaf