Safety Guidelines

  • We will be adding signage and markers throughout the resort to provide visual reminders of the importance of social distancing. Our staff will also actively encourage guests to remain at least 6 feet apart at all times. 

  • No. According to current State of Maine guidelines, the quarantine must be completed in Maine.

  • We will be conducting daily health screenings for all team members reporting for work.  If a team member does not pass the screening, they will be sent home. If team members are feeling ill or taking care of an ill family member, they will be instructed to stay home. We will be implementing stringent personal hygiene and cleaning protocols in all areas of our operation, providing hand sanitizing stations throughout the resort, and enforcing proper social distancing. In addition, all staff members will be required to wear face masks when interacting with guests.

  • We are discouraging the use of cash at the resort. Credit cards or touchless payment options like Google Pay are strongly encouraged to help reduce transmission of germs and bacteria.

  • The Carrabassett Valley Trails network is open for the summer. Please visit the CVT trail conditions page for detailed information prior to your visit, and heed all posted signage.