Ski & Snowboard Lesson Protocols

Booking Lessons
All lessons for both children and adults must be booked in advance online, and all required forms must be completed online at least 24 hours in advance. We will not be accepting same-day walk-up reservations. Lessons can be booked online at

Group Size
All children's groups will be limited to a maximum of five students, and adult groups will be limited to a maximum of eight students. We will also offer options for smaller group sizes and private lessons.

Meeting Locations
All Perfect Turn groups, including Mountain Magic and Mountain Adventure, will meet outdoors on the snow. Participants should arrive fully dressed and ready to ski or snowboard, with all necessary equipment. There will be no lockers, cubbies, or other space available for storage of personal gear.

Kids' Lesson Groups
All children's lesson groups will be limited to a maximum of 5 students per instructor, and students will interact only with their individual group for the duration of their lesson.

As much as weather and temperature permits, groups will remain outdoors. If warm-up breaks are necessary, they will be short and will be coordinated to ensure that groups are not intermingling. In order to minimize the number of breaks required, we strongly encourage children under the age of 5 to enroll in half-day lessons only.

At least two Perfect Turn staff will remain inside the Mountain Magic room throughout the day to escort kids to the bathroom and assist them if needed. For full-day lessons, lunches will be coordinated and staggered to ensure that no more than 5 groups (25 students) are inside at any given time. Children will be seated at a table with only their group and instructor, and all tables will spaced 6 feet or more apart.

Bubblecuffers and Minicuffers
The schedule for our seasonal Bubblecuffer and Minicuffer programs will be changing this year. Groups will meet from 9am-12pm on Saturdays and Sundays and during vacation weeks, eliminating the lunch that has been included in the past. This change will provide the same amount of programming time as in the past, but will allow us to avoid the crowding that comes with the usual 11am-12pm lunch hour. All groups will continue to meet outdoors on the hill as usual.  

Face Coverings In accordance with current State of Maine guidelines, face coverings will be required for all Perfect Turn guests over the age of 5 at all times while indoors, and outdoors in any situation where safe 6-foot distancing is difficult to maintain, including lift lines and while riding chairlifts. Winter neck gators are acceptable, as long as they cover both the nose and mouth. We suggest carrying a spare face covering in case one is lost or becomes uncomfortable due to freezing.