New Year, New Snow

Dec 30, 2018

I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions; they are cliche. 

A few years ago I resolved to wear better fitting suits on air. 

It didn't work out..... 

But with a storm on the way for NYE; I think it's fair to resolve to head to the Loaf. It's all the things resolutions tend to be- Gratifying, Insta-worthy, and sneaky expensive.On a scale of storms for skiers, I put this above Friday's storm but not into epic territory.

It's a bit different setup than the last one; more of an actual storm with some hybrid Gulf of Maine energy.

Keith Carson Weather Map

Once again, the biggest issue will be precipitation type. But this storm DOES look colder than the last which should net us a few extra inches.

The fun begins late on Monday night and at that point it'll be pretty cold; so it's snow.

Keith Carson Weather Map

Snow continues at a good clip through Tuesday morning.

Keith Carson Weather Map

Late morning into the afternoon would be the best chance to mix a bit with some sleet or even end as rain showers...but it'll be close.

Keith Carson Weather Map

Total amounts: Looking at 4-7", and that'll probably read base to summit, left to right.

Keith Carson Weather Map

Alright kids, have a safe New Year's and resolve to buy me a beer next time at The Bag.

Carson out.