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Gabriel Helmlinger wins 27th Sugarloaf Marathon, Amanda Labelle tops for women

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CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine – May 17, 2009 – Forty-two-year-old Gabriel Helmlinger of Cambridge, Massachusetts set a blistering pace in the 27th Annual Sugarloaf Marathon today, taking the overall title with a time of 2 hours, 34 minutes, and 11 seconds. Amanda LaBelle, a 25 year-old from Rockland, Maine, took the top spot for women with a time of 2 hours, 58 minutes, and 24 seconds.

Helmlinger, who ran in the Boston Marathon last month, finished with one of the fastest times of his career on a marathon course that is ranked as one of the top 15 fastest in the country. Men’s runner-up Eric Rudolph of Sullivan, Maine kept the pressure on throughout the race, and finished just over five minutes behind Helmlinger with a time of 2 hours, 39 minutes, and 22 seconds. The women’s race proved to be a bit tighter, with just one minute separating winner LaBelle and runner-up Jenna Krajewski of China, Maine who finished the course in 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 25 seconds.  

In the Sugarloaf 15k Knud Hermanson of Old Town, Maine crossed the line in first place for men with a time of 54 minutes and 10 seconds, while South Portland’s Carry Buterbaugh took the top spot for the women with at time of 56 minutes and 34 seconds.

The Sugarloaf Marathon is sponsored by TransCanada and is Maine’s oldest continuously run marathon. The race has long been a favorite for long distance runners throughout the country, due in large part to its scenic location and history of producing some of the fastest marathon times in the nation. Runners who completed this year’s marathon will have a chance to go for the first ever Summit to Sea Marathon Series title at the Mount Desert Island Marathon on October 18.

Final Results:

Sugarloaf Marathon, Men:
1       Gabriel W Helmlinger                       Cambridge, MA           2:34:11.22 
2       Eric M Rudolph                                Sullivan, ME               2:39:22.11
3       Timothy  Maguire                             Waterville, ME            2:41:06.56
4       Andrew  Goupee                              Ellsworth, ME             2:45:05.69
5       Peter  Sedgwick                              N.Yarmouth, ME         2:49:00.62
6       Austin E Townsend                          Perry, ME                  2:52:59.58
7       Timothy A Worthington                     Glenside, PA              2:53:14.41
8       Justin T Russo                                 Sebago, ME               2:54:48.55
9       Edward S Steinfeld                           Lexington, MA            2:54:52.84
10      Gary  Allen                                      Cranberry Isl, ME        2:55:21.51

Sugarloaf Marathon, Women:
1       Amanda R LaBelle                           Rockland,ME              2:58:24.60
2       Jenna  Krajewski                              China, ME                  2:59:25.10
3       Melissa  Perkins-Banas                    Norwich,CT                 3:03:22.71
4       Isabelle P Richards                          New York, NY             3:16:38.15
5       Terri M Ladka                                  Marshfield, MA           3:16:51.97 
6       Debbie  Moreau                               Turner, ME                 3:18:15.64 
7       Rene Laliberty                                 Caribou, ME               3:20:41.50
8       Kristin M Chambers                         South Paris, ME         3:21:13.17
9       Brigid D Franey                                Portland, ME              3:25:08.73
10      Kate A Buzzell                                Scarborough, ME        3:25:24.34

Sugarloaf 15k, Women:
1       Carry Buterbaugh                             So Portland, ME         56:34.6
2       Kathleen P Bell                                Orono, ME                 1:02:53.8 
3       Sarah Martin                                    Farmington, ME          1:06:30.1  
4       Kelley Cullenburg                             Chesterville, ME          1:06:59.6 
5       Dana  Mersich                                 Ottawa, ON                1:07:13.0
6       Katrina Bishermer                            Bucksport, ME           1:07:30.8 
7       Lara Favreau                                    Saco, ME                   1:08:03.9
8       Julie  Brown                                     Millinocket, ME           1:08:05.3 
9       Michelle Roy                                   Frenchville, ME           1:08:19.7
10      Katherine Creswell                           Brunswick, ME           1:10:44.0

Sugarloaf 15k, Men: 
1       Knud A Hermansen                          Old Town, ME             54:10.5 
2       Travis J Vicary                                 Old Town, ME             55:04.4
3       Henry F Bauer                                 Steuben, ME              56:08.3 
4       David Drew                                      Litchfield, ME             57:44.9 
5       Chris  Jones                                    Bucksport, ME           58:44.4
6       Rob  Spaulding                                Kennebunk, ME          59:03.8
7       Brian  Denger                                  Biddeford, ME             1:00:47.0
8       Charles  Carter                                Portland, ME              1:00:54.7 
9       Jim Toulouse                                   C Elizabeth ME          1:00:59.9
10      Kai N Takatsuka                              Minneapolis, MN         1:02:55.4