Sugarloaf Uphill Access Guidelines

With an ever-growing sidecountry scene, Sugarloaf embraces uphill skinning and snowshoeing. For the safety of everyone on the mountain, we ask that anyone participating in these activities adhere to the following guidelines. All uphill travel is done at each individual's own risk.

  1. You must have a valid season pass or day ticket, and it must be visible. If you do not intend to ride a lift at any point during the day, you can purchase an Uphill Access day ticket for $10 at Guest Services.
  2. The suggested route of uphill travel is Windrow to Bullwinkles, and Tote Road above that point.
  3. You may only travel on terrain that is designated as open on the trail report.
  4. You must ensure that you are visible to downhill traffic at all times.
  5. You may not leave Sugarloaf property to access the backcountry.
  6. You may not ski down the mountain prior to opening at 8:30am.
  7. Ski Patrol clears the mountain of all guests and employees at the end of operating hours everyday. If you are on the mountain at this time you will be required to ski down.
  8. Overnight stays on the mountain are not permitted.
  9. Ski Patrol reserves the right to close the mountain to these activities at any time due to severe weather, dangerous surface conditions, or other factors.
  10. Sledding is not permitted on any part of the mountain at any time, with the exception of The Birches and Snowbrook.
  11. Bicycles are not currently permitted on Sugarloaf's alpine trail network, except as part of designated, resort endorsed bicycle events.