Seth Wescott


On a crisp, sunny morning in April of 2013, Seth Wescott stood atop a remote peak deep in Alaska's Chugach mountain range, unaware that the next year of his life was about to change drastically. As he made his way down the steep Alaskan face, he rose over a small crest and watched helplessly as the ground plummeted away. Wescott had flown right into a small crevasse, and when he impacted the opposite wall at more than 50 miles per hour, several of the ligaments in his knee tore free, leaving him in need of major reconstructive surgery just ten months before the start of what would be his third Olympic Games.

A four-part miniseries, "Surgery to Sochi" documents Wescott's journey from devastating injury back to the pinnacle of his sport. Featuring Wescott's own helmet-cam footage of the accident itself, the series will take viewers along for the ride as Wescott faces difficult questions about his future and works his way back to the highest levels of competition in his quest for his third consecutive Olympic gold medal.

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