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UPDATE: Upcoming Load Test for Skyline

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

UPDATE: Due to the incomng weather, the load test has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 9th.

This week, the folks at Dopplemayer will be working with our Lift Mechanics to correct a glitch in the computer system on the Skyline lift, which as you may remember from one of our posts last season, wasn't sending accurate information to the lift's diesel back up motor when in use.

Last April Doppelmayr came to reprogram the computer system, but as we've seen on busy days this season, when the lift is fully loaded, and the power goes out, the computer is still not sending the right information to the diesel back up motor to throttle up. When this happens, the lift essentially bogs down-like when you ascend a steep hill in your car in too high of a gear. The engine is fully capable of powering the lift; it just needs to be in the right gear.

So on Wednesday, February 8th, our lift mechanics will conduct a dynamic load test on Skyline, while utilizing the diesel back up motor. This will allow the folks from Dopplemayr to assess the root of the problem, and take corrective action.

Skyline will not be scheduled to open on Wednesday while the load test takes place, but we should see the lift back up and running on Thursday.