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What's that noise: Skyline bullwheel

Monday, February 13, 2017

Recently we've received a few inquiries from guests who were curious about a somewhat odd noise coming from the Skyline bullwheel first thing in the morning.

The noise, which is best described as a Rice-Krispies-like snap-crackle-pop, is coming from the new bullwheel liner that we installed this fall. The new liner is a prototype material designed by Doppelmayr to increase the lifespan of the liner. It is a harder material than the standard rubber liners, and it takes longer for this material to warm up.  

On cold mornings, before the liner has warmed up, it creates the snap-crackle-pop sound as the haul rope travels around the bullwheel. Once the liner is warm and the material has softened a bit, the noise goes away.