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Sawduster Update

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

After two consecutive days of negative temperatures, my car had a hard time starting yesterday morning. The cold temperatures take a toll on all vehicles from your commuter car to a chairlift. However a chairlift, unlike your car, cannot be kept in a warm garage, to prevent troublesome behavior that results from the frigid temperatures.

For those of you enjoying your February Vacation week with us here at Sugarloaf, you may have noticed that our Sawduster lift has not been running. That's because, the starter of the auxiliary backup motor refused to turn over.

While the lift's primary power unit functioned properly, state code prohibits the use of any lift without a back-up means to off load passengers, other than rope evacuation.

Each morning, one of the inspections that our mechanics perform, is a check of all auxiliary motors before lifts open to the public, to ensure that they are running and reliable in the event that they are needed. Sawduster's 1971 Volkswagen auxiliary engine, much like the engine in my car, has a hard time starting when the temperatures are low-even worse so when they're in the negative twenties overnight. In the process of attempting to start the back-up engine, the starter wore out. A replacement has been ordered, and is expected to arrive around this afternoon.

Additionally, a new diesel back-up motor has been ordered to replace the current auxiliary power unit, and is slated to be replaced this coming summer.

So in the meantime, while we wait for the replacement starter, the Snubber lift (which is scheduled to run all week) will be able to take guests from the Sugarloaf Inn and nearby condos to the base area via mid-station, located a short distance below the Sawduster lift.